The GB Meridian - Functions Chart

The GB Meridian

Below you will find clinical usage information for all points along the (GB) Gall Bladder Meridian . You may click on a specific acupuncture point for more detailed information including the location, clinical usages, and related patterns and conditions.

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There Are 44 Points Along The (GB) Gall Bladder Meridian ...

The GB Meridian Functions Chart

GB 1 Pupil Bone Hole

  • LV Yang/Heat Rising effecting the head - headache, eye problems, similar to Taiyang which is used more.
  • Local point for manifestations of heat - pain, inflammation, etc

GB 2 Auditory Convergence

  • Ear issues (along with TH 21 & SI 19) - tinnius, otitis media, deafness.
  • Eliminate wind locally - TMJ disorder, facial paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia, toothache

GB 3 Upper Gate

  • Local point, usually for headache

GB 4 Forehead Fullness

  • Local Point, usually for headache

GB 5 Suspended Skull

  • Local Point, usually for headache

GB 6 Suspended Tuft

  • Local Point, usually for headache

GB 7 Temporal Hairline Curve

  • Local Point, usually for headache

GB 8 Valley Lead

  • Migraine, one-sided or unilateral headaches and associated nausea, vomiting a/or visual disturbances.
  • Hangover, eases headache and harmonizes the middle jiao.
  • In the Bronze Man this point is indicated for cold & phlegm in the Diaphragm & ST, injury by alcohol & agitation & fullness with ceaseless vomiting

GB 9 Celestial Hub

  • Local Point, usually for headache

GB 10 Floating White

  • Local Point, usually for headache

GB 11 Head Portal Yin

  • Local Point, usually for headache

GB 12 Completion Bone

  • Dispel exterior & interior wind from the head - tinnitus, tremors in the head, occipital headache, neck rotation ROM issues.
  • Regulates and calms the spirit - insomnia

GB 13 Root Spirit

  • Regulate Liver/GallBladder, Clear Wind, Calm the Mind.
  • Stiff Neck, Headache.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Used to effect the frontal lobe.  Used on the (R) side for psychological conditions such as anxiety and depression and on the (L) side for attention related conditions such as ADD/ADHD.  Also useful for issues which come from subconscious influences.  

GB 14 Yang White

  • Frontal/temporal (ST/TH area) headaches.
  • Eye issues (direct needle towards eye) - redness, swelling, itching, twitching, etc

GB 15 Head Overlooking Tears

  • Excessive tearing from internal or external wind effecting the eyes.
  • Sinus issues (with GV 23, Yintang a/or LI 20) - sinusitis, rhinitis

GB 16 Eye Windows

  • Local Point.

GB 17 Upright Construction

  • Clears Heat and Regulates the Gallbladder.
  • Headache, Dizziness

GB 18 Spirit Support

  • Local Point.

GB 19 Brain Hollow

  • Local Point.
  • Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Used to effect the visual cortex. Useful for muscle/coordination problems with the eyes from conditions such as MS, Parkinson's, etc.

GB 20 Wind Pool

  • Dispel Exterior or Interior Wind - (exterior) - fever/chills, stiff neck; (internal) - paralysis, twitching, tremors, numbness, dizziness, vertigo.
  • All issues of the head, brain (seizures, memory, mental/neurological disorders), face, throat and sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, tongue).
  • Headache, especially occipital.
  • Eye issues.
  • Issues of the neck, shoulders a/or upper back - pain, weakness, stiffness.
  • Hypertension, especially with LV Yang Rising.
  • Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Used most often in conjunction with the huatuo points of C1 and C2 to open the spinal cord, generally used to relieve neck tension.  

GB 21 Shoulder Well

  • Local point for occipital headache, tight trapezius muscles and/or neck/shoulder pain.
  • Phlegm related issues of the head and neck - embolic stroke, neck lumps, swollen lymph nodes, tumors.
  • Phlegm related issues of the breast and chest - mastitis, breast abscess, asthma, dyspnea.
  • Stongly influence Qi downward - useful for rebellious Qi, cough.
  • Contraindicated in Pregnancy, useful for difficult labor, retained placenta.
  • Gao Wu felt that balancing GB 21's strong descending action with ST 36's strong centering action is important.
  • Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Release the neck and shoulders and descend energy.

GB 22 Armpit Abyss

  • Local Point.

GB 23 Sinew Seat

GB 24 Sun and Moon

  • LV & GB issues, especially involving heat and stagnation - gallstones, hepatitis, jaundice.
  • LV/GB attacking the SP - nausea, vomiting, sour belching, bitter taste, acid reflux.
  • GB related emotional imbalances - fearfullness, shyness, indecisiveness, timidity, sighing.
  • The Ling Shu indicates GB 24 (GB Front Mu) & UB 19 (GB Back Shu) for frequent indecisiveness.  

GB 25 Capital Gate

  • Local point for pain in the lumbar a/or lateral costal region especially when presenting with a KD deficiency.
  • KD/SP Issues involving dampness - diarrhea (esp. watery/cold), bloating, abdominal distention.
  • Diuretic point - urinary retention, difficult urination, edema.
  • Uterine stones - assists passage

GB 26 Girdling Vessel

  • GB 26, GB 27 & GB 28 are all useful points on the Dai Mai meridian which influences the GB, KD, Chong Mai, CV & GV Meridians.
  • GB 26 is most useful for women's issues - leukorrhea from any etiology, gynecological disorders, prolapses, infertility.
  • Menstrual related pains, cramping, bloating a/or migraines.
  • Local point for the lower back and waist

GB 27 Fifth Pivot

  • GB 26, GB 27 & GB 28 are all useful points on the Dai Mai meridian which influences the GB, KD, Chong Mai, CV & GV Meridians.
  • GB 27 is more useful for male issues - testicular pain a/or retraction, lower abdominal pain, shan disorder

GB 28 Linking Path

  • GB 26, GB 27 & GB 28 are all useful points on the Dai Mai meridian which influences the GB, KD, Chong Mai, CV & GV Meridians.
  • Local Point.

GB 29 Squatting Bone Hole

  • Hip pain, especially with pain radiating from the hips, sciatica.
  • Shoulder pain, using the opposite joints needling method

GB 30 Jumping Round

  • Sciatica, pain, numbness, atrophy of lower back, hip, buttocks a/or lower limbs.
  • Bi (painful obstruction) or Wei (flaccidity, weakness) of the leg.
  • Urticaria, red, itchy skin issues from wind

GB 31 Wind Market

  • Lateral and posterior leg issues - sciatica, weakness, numbness, post-stroke symptoms of lower limbs.
  • Red, itchy, skin disorders from wind a/or dampness anywhere on the body.
  • Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Sciatic nerve issues, lower back pain, leg muscle issues.

GB 32 Central River

  • Local Point.

GB 33 Knee Yang Joint

  • Local Point.

GB 34 Yang Mound Spring

  • Hui Meeting of the Sinews - useful for treating soft tissue anywhere in the body, contracture, cramping, pain, spasm, weakness, numbness, paralysis.
  • Sciatica and issues with the low back, hip, a/or lower limbs, knees.
  • All disorders of the lateral regions of the body.
  • Lower He Sea of the GB - effects GB organ, usually with GB Damp-Heat conditions, cholecystitis, hepatitis, jaundice, nausea, vomiting, bitter taste in mouth, gallstones.
  • Shao Yang level diseases presenting with alternating chills/fevers, costal pain, bitter taste in mouth.
  • LV attacking SP - counterflow Qi, nausea, vomiting, indigestion.
  • Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Sciatic nerve issues, leg muscle issues (cramps, fatigue), gallstones.  

GB 35 Yang Intersection

  • Local Point.

GB 36 Outer Hill

  • Mentioned in the Bronze Man for treating rabies w/rage, fever, convulsions - moxa 3 cones after bite.
  • Acute cholecystitis.
  • Acute painful skin conditions

GB 37 Bright Light

  • Eye issues, especially LV related - redness, itching, blurry vision, night blindness, optic nerve atrophy, cataracts.
  • Lower leg, calf a/or foot problems - dropped foot, edema, atrophy, obstruction.
  • Headaches effecting the region around the eyes - temporal, infra/supraorbital, migraines.
  • Breast issues from stagnant LV Qi - pain, insufficient lactation

GB 38 Yang Assistance

  • Moving point for GB channel issues - pain, heat, stagnation along the channel.
  • Fire Point - useful for treating the fever period of Shao Yang stage diseases (alternating fever and chills)

GB 39 Suspended Bell (alt. Severed Bone)

  • Hui Meeting of the Marrow - excess or deficiency conditions effecting the bone marrow, ligaments, tendons, muscles a/or bones - pain, spasms, numbness, weakness.
  • Chronic Bi or Wei syndromes especially with KD Deficiency - thought to strenghthen immunity.
  • Neck issues, stiffness, arthritis, strain, sprain, whiplash, headache.
  • Descends rising LV/GB heat - dizziness, tinnitus.  

GB 40 Hill Ruins

  • Local point for issues of the lower limbs a/or ankles - weakness, paralysis, atrophy.
  • Wrist issues using the cross joints needling method.
  • Chronic mallaria where chills are predominant

GB 41 Foot Overlooking Tears

  • Moves LV Qi - menstrual/breast disorders, distal point for headaches (lateral or migraines - classical mentioned for occipital or vertex).
  • As the name indicates - "foot overlooking tears," useful for eye problems, redness, swelling and lacrimation issues, tearing, excessive lacrimation.
  • Local point for lateral foot issues - pain, cramping

GB 42 Earth Fivefold Convergence

  • Local Point.

GB 43 Pinched Ravine

  • Ying Spring Point - clears heat from the entire channel.
  • Effects opposite end of the channel - headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, eye a/or ear pain.
  • GB Damp Heat stagnations in the channel - swelling in axillary region, lateral costal pain, breast abscesses, knee pain

GB 44 Foot Portal Yin

  • Insomnia especially with nightmares - LV/GB heat rising to effect the HT (fullness below the heart).
  • Issues with the sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tongue) related to excesses a/or stagnation - pain, inflammation, speech disorders, stiff tongue

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