GB 39 - Acupuncture Point - Xuan Zhong (alt. Jue Gu)

  • English Name:  Suspended Bell (alt. Severed Bone)
  • Pinyin Name:  Xuan Zhong (alt. Jue Gu)
  • Chinese Character:  懸鐘
  • 3 cun above the tip of the external malleolus in a depression between the posterior border of the fibula and the tendons of peroneous longus and brevis
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  • Hui Meeting of the Marrow - excess or deficiency conditions effecting the bone marrow, ligaments, tendons, muscles a/or bones - pain, spasms, numbness, weakness.
  • Chronic Bi or Wei syndromes especially with KD Deficiency - thought to strenghthen immunity.
  • Neck issues, stiffness, arthritis, strain, sprain, whiplash, headache.
  • Descends rising LV/GB heat - dizziness, tinnitus.  

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The (GB) Gall Bladder Meridian has 44 points:

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