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Heart Meridian Patterns - Disharmony Chart - TCM Theory

You may click on a particular pattern below for more detailed information including tongue and pulse diagnosis, related signs and symptoms and treatment points.

Excess Patterns




HT Fire Palpitations, thirst, tongue/mouth ulcers, restlessness, red complexion, bitter taste in morning Red w/yellow coat, red point on tip Full, rapid, overflowing (esp. in HT)
Phlegm Fire Mental confusion, lack of mental clarity, palpitations, restlessness, incoherent speech, rash behavior, tendency towards hitting a/or scolding people, uncontrollable laughter a/or crying, mani depression Red w/yellow greasy coat, possibly red points on tip a/or deep midline crack running to the tip Full, slippery
Phlegm Misting the Mind (Heart) Phlegm signs w/o heat, mental confusion, unconsciousness, rattling sound in the throat, asphasia, vomiting Thick greasy coat Slippery
HT Blood Stagnation Angina, chest oppression, HT pain which may radiate down to the left arm or shoulder (emotionally or physiologically related), palpitations, cyanosis of the lips (in more severe cases) Purplish Knotted

Deficiency Patterns




HT Blood Deficiency Palpitations, dizziness, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep, anxiety, easily startled, poor memory, poor concentration, dull pale complexion, lips are likely to be pale Pale, possibly thin, maybe dry Thin or choppy (many times felt in the HT position)
HT Qi Deficiency Palpitations on exertion, spontaneous sweating, fatigue Pale, possibly a midline crack down to the tip Empty
HT Yin Deficiency Similar to Blood Deficiency but with more anxiety and restlessness, palpitations, insomnia, dream disturbed sleep, easily startled, poor memory, fidgeting, mallor flush, night sweats, heat in the 5 palms, dry mouth Red or peeled w/no coat Floating, empty or Thin, fast
HT Yang Deficiency Similar to HT Qi Deficiency (palpitations on exertion, fatigue, spontaneous sweating) but with cold limbs, feeling of cold, bright pale face Pale, wet & swollen Deep, weak, possibly knotted
HT Yang Collapse Serious, patient should go to hospital, severe palpitations, weak and shallow breathing, cyanosis of the lips Pale or purple Hidden, minute or very knotted

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