Kidney Meridian Patterns - Disharmonies Chart

TCM Theory

You may click on a particular pattern below for more detailed information including tongue and pulse diagnosis, related signs and symptoms and treatment points.

Deficiency Patterns




KD Qi DeficiencySOB, asthma, cold limbs, weak back a/or knees, copious clear urination, incontinence, night-time urinationPaleDeep, weak possibly tight
KD Yin DeficiencyDizziness, tinnitus, vertigo, sore back, constipation, may also have empty heat signs, mallor flush, night sweats, heat in the 5 palms, insomnia, dry throatRed w/no coat, may have horizontal cracks, red tip w/empty fireFloating, empty, rapid
KD Yang DeficiencySore a/or weak back/knees, sensation of cold, aversion to cold, weak lower limbs, lassitude, clear copious urine, poor appetite, looses stools, edema (which can be severe)Pale, swollen, wet possibly a white coat w/strong water signsDeep, weak possibly slow w/strong water signs
KD Jing DeficiencyIn children poor physical a/or mental development - In adults weakening of the bones, teeth, back a/or knees, memory problems, lessening of sexual libido/abilityRed, peeledFloating, empty

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