(LI) Large Intestine Meridian - Point Locations Chart

The LI Meridian

Below you will find location information for all points along the (LI) Large Intestine Meridian . You may click on a specific acupuncture point for more detailed information including the location, clinical usages, and related patterns and conditions.

The (LI) Large Intestine Meridian has 20 Acupuncture Points

LI 1

LI 2

LI 3

LI 4

LI 5

LI 6

LI 7

LI 8

LI 9

LI 10

LI 11

LI 12

LI 13

LI 14

LI 15

LI 16

LI 17

LI 18

LI 19

LI 20

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