LI 1 - Acupuncture Point - Shang Yang

  • English Name:  Metal Yang
  • Pinyin Name:  Shang Yang
  • Chinese Character:  商陽
  • .1 cun posterior to the corner of the nail on the radial side of the index finger.
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  • Jing Well Point, for heat, pain, stagnation, especially at the opposite end of the channel, for eye and ear pain and inflammation, toothache.
  • Bleed for high fever, coma  

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The (LI) Large Intestine Meridian has 20 points:

Nearby Acupuncture Points and Usages

GraphicPointClinical Functions
LU 11
Lesser Shang
  • Extreme sore throat (may bleed point to reduce heat).
  • Revival point especially from wind-stroke.


PC 9
Central Hub
  • Jing Well Point for clearing heat in the Heart.
  • Stiff tongue, speech disorders, especially those arising after a stroke.
  • Restoring consciousness.

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