LV Meridian Information

The LV Meridian

  • Internal/External Pathways
    Originates on the lateral side of the big toe
    Runs up the medial aspect of the leg
    Curves around the external genitalia
    Around the Stomach and connects with the LV and GB
    Branches out in the costal and hypochondriac regions
    A branch runs up the posterior aspect of the throat
    Connects with the eye system and meets the governing vessel meridian at the vertex of the head
    Another branch runs into the Lungs and links the the lung meridian
  • Measurements Needed
    Lower border of the Medial Condyle of the Tibia (SP 9) -to- Tip of the Medial Malleolus = 13 cun
    Upper Border of the Symphysis Pubis -to- Medial Epicondyle of the Femur = 18 cun
    Sternum -to- Acromion Process = 8 cun
    CV Meridian -to- LU 1 = 6 cun
  • Precautions - [all]
    LV 12 - No Needle
    LV 14 - No Deep Needle
Meridian Graphic

There Are 14 Points Along The (LV) Liver Meridian ...

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