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Lung Meridian Patterns - Disharmony Chart - TCM Theory

You may click on a particular pattern below for more detailed information including tongue and pulse diagnosis, related signs and symptoms and treatment points.

Excess Patterns




Wind-Cold InvasionFever & chills w/chills predominating, body ache, stuffy nose w/clear runny mucus, sneezing, scratchy throat, lack of sweat, possibly a headacheThin white coatFloating, possibly a little tight
Wind-Heat InvasionFever & chills w/fever predominating, sore throat, stuffy a/or runny nose w/yellow discharge, headache, slight sweating, no thirstThin yellow coat or Thin white coat w/slightly red tip and edgesFloating, rapid
Damp-Phlegm ObstructingChronic cough which comes in bouts, profuse white sputum that is easy to expectorate, fullness of the chest, asthma is possible, can be either a chronic or acute conditionThick sticky white coatSlippery or Weak, floating & fine
Phlegm-Heat ObstructingBarking cough, SOB, asthma, chest oppression, yellow/green mucus (main difference from damp-phlegm above)Red, thick sticky yellow coatSlippery, rapid, full

Deficiency Patterns




LU Qi DeficiencyFatigue, SOB, weak voice, spontaneous daytime sweating, catch colds easily/frequently, pale complexionPale, slightly swollenEmpty
LU Yin DeficiencyDry cough possibly w/blood tinged sputum, dry throat a/or mouth, hoarseness, night sweats, mallor flushRed, no coat, probably peeled, horizontal cracks in the LU area possibleThin, rapid or Floating, empty
LU DrynessNot as severe as LU Yin Deficiency, dry cough, dry throat, hoarseness, dry skinDryEmpty, possibly Floating, empty

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