Names Of Tian Chi

PC 1 Acupuncture Point

  • English Name: Celestial Pool
  • Pinyin Name: Tian Chi
  • Chinese Character: 天池
Meridian Information

Where Is PC 1 ?

PC 1 Location

  • 1 cun lateral to the nipple in the 4th ICS.
  • For point location tips, read our meridian notes; unsure about "cun" measurements, read what is a cun?.

What Is PC 1 Used For?

PC 1 Clinical Usages

  • Window of the Sky Point, opens the chest - fullness, counterflow qi, cough with phlegm.
  • Headache, blurred vision, axillary sweating, malarial disorders, difficulty moving the limbs.
  • Breast disorders, breast abscess, insufficient lactation.

There Are 9 Points Along The (PC) Pericardium Meridian ...

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How Is PC 1 Categorized?

PC 1 Acupuncture Point Associations

What Conditions May Use PC 1 ?

This point along with others in a proper point prescription may be used to balance the following Conditions / Symptoms:

For more on this, read "What Does Acupuncture Treat?" and "Point Prescription Guidelines".

What Points Are Near PC 1 ?

SP 18 Celestial Ravine

  • Descends qi - chest oppression, shortness of breath, cough, hiccup, running piglet disorder.
  • Opens the chest and circulation in the breasts - breast pain, insufficient lactation.

ST 17 Breast Center

  • Never needled or treated, simply a body landmark for locating points on the chest.

KD 23 Spirit Seal

  • Local Point, generally useful for cough, chest tension, constricted breathing.
  • Vomiting - harmonizes stomach.

Where Do I Go Next?

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