Names Of Bing Feng

SI 12 Acupuncture Point

  • English Name: Grasping the Wind
  • Pinyin Name: Bing Feng
  • Chinese Character: 秉風
Meridian Information

Where Is SI 12 ?

SI 12 Location

  • Directly above SI 11 in the center of the suprascapular fossa, found in a depression when the arm is lifted.
  • For point location tips, read our meridian notes; unsure about "cun" measurements, read what is a cun?.

What Is SI 12 Used For?

SI 12 Clinical Usages

  • Local point for shoulder, scapula and/or arm pain, numbness, weakness along the course of the channel.  

There Are 19 Points Along The (SI) Small Intestine Meridian ...

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How Is SI 12 Categorized?

SI 12 Acupuncture Point Associations

  • Intersection Point of the SI, LI, TH & GB Meridians

What Conditions May Use SI 12 ?

This point along with others in a proper point prescription may be used to balance the following Conditions / Symptoms:

For more on this, read "What Does Acupuncture Treat?" and "Point Prescription Guidelines".

What Points Are Near SI 12 ?

UB 12 Wind Gate

  • Main point to expel wind from the Wei Qi level of the body, useful for early stages of wind-cold conditions (Common cold, cough, fever, headache, stiff neck).
  • Apply moxa here and on ST 36 to strengthen the Wei Qi (or the defensive layer of the body).  Strenghtening the defensive layer can increase resistance to colds and flus, but also stop the tendency of basic colds and/or flus from always going deeper in quickly, say to bronchitis or full blow sinus infections.  These types of treatments should be done when the person is not sick.

UB 41 Attached Branch

  • Useful for dispelling cold and wind from the upper back and neck - neck pain, shoulder problems, arm and/or elbow issues. 

Where Do I Go Next?

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