(SP) Spleen Meridian - Point Functions Chart

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The (SP) Spleen Meridian has 21 points:

ImagePointActions and Effects
SP 1
Hidden White
    • Any Bleeding Issues, esp. from SP Deficiency - reckless bleeding, hemorrhage, blood in the urine/stools.
    • Emotional issues esp. with aspects of worry - worried dreams, depression.
    • Possibly useful for eating disorders originating from stress/worry.
SP 2
Great Metropolis
    • Generally used to clear damp-heat - gout, painful obstructions.
    • Local point for issues with the big toe.
    • With SP 3 tonify SP organ - abdominal distention, diarrhea and/or heart pain.
SP 3
Supreme White
    • SP Qi and Yang Deficiency, especially those with excess pathologies - abdominal a/or epigastric pain, digestive issues, heart pain.
    • Muscle atrophy in the lower legs, heaviness in the body.
SP 4
Yellow Emperor
    • Excess pathologies of the ST and Intestines - severe abdominal a/or epigastric pain, dysentery, food poisoning.
    • Gynecological and Abdominal issues due to stagnation of Qi and Blood - masses, fibroids, cysts, irregular menstruation.
    • With PC 6 for chest and heart pain, shen disorders, sighing, anxiety, insomnia, nervousness.
SP 5
Shang Hill
    • Tonifies the spleen and resolves dampness - lethargy, desire to lie down, abdominal distention.
    • Calms the spirit - manic depression, anxiety, excessive thinking.
    • Speech disorders, stiffness at root of tongue.
SP 6
Three Yin Intersection
    • Tonify Yin and Blood, all Spleen disorders.
    • Digestive disorders, sinking/prolapse.
    • Gynecological issues, male sexual issues, difficult labor (expel fetus).
    • Menstrual issues (irregular, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea).
    • Bleeding disorders, uterine bleeding, cool blood in hot skin diseases.
    • Insomnia, palpitations, and other anxiety related emotions.
    • Dizziness, hypertension.
SP 7
Leaking Valley
    • Local point.
    • Continued muscle atrophy in the presence of adequate nutrition.
    • Promotes urination - difficult urination.
    • Resolves dampness - lower body swelling, ankle, knee.
SP 8
Earth's Crux
    • Xi Cleft Point - acute and painful menstrual issues due to Blood stagnation - clotting, fibroids, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation.
    • Male infertility - seminal emission, depleted essence.
SP 9
Yin Mound Spring
    • He Sea point - drains dampness (generally through urination), LV 8 will drain damp from the genital region and SP 9 will drain damp from the lower warmer.
    • Chronic yeast infections, candida.
    • Damp Bi, Medial Knee Pain.
    • Issues involving damp-heat in the GB - hepatitis, jaundice.
    • Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Any water issue in the body (bloating, swelling, urinary issues, dry mouth, etc.).
SP 10
Sea of Blood
    • Any Gynecological issues originating from Blood, Heat, Stasis a/or Deficiency - irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, cramping, lin disorders, PMS, uterine bleeding.
    • Skin problems from damp-heat or hot Blood - eczema, painful/hot sores.
    • Genital issues - pain/swelling/itching of the scrotum/genitals.
    • Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Any blood issues, although the huatuo of T1 and T7 are used more often.
SP 11
Winnower Gate
    • Used for a variety of urinary issues related to a collection of dampness/damp-heat - difficult urination/obstruction, retention of urine.
    • Swelling in the groin, pain/itching of the external genitalia.
SP 12
Surging Gate
    • Used for a variety of urinary disorders (retention, painful) due to it's functions of draining dampness, clearing heat and regulating urination.
    • Abdominal pain, hernia, hemorrhoids by regulating qi and invigorating blood.
SP 13
Bowel Abode
    • Abdominal pain, abdominal masses (fibroids, cysts, etc.), hernia, thigh pain - regulates the liver, qi, and alleviates pain.
SP 14
Abdominal Bind
    • Warms the middle warmer and dissipates cold for lower abdominal pain, diarrhea (from cold), abdominal pain, constipation.
    • Resolves counterflow qi - can be used to subdue fright (i.e. panic attacks) from counterflow qi disrupting the heart and/or cough from counterflow qi disrupting the lung.
SP 15
Great Horizontal
    • Regulate the Qi of the Intestines - constipation, diarrhea (ST 25 better for diarrhea), abdominal pain and distention.
SP 16
Abdominal Lament
    • Aids intestinal issues by clearing heat in the intestines and resolving dampness - as well as generally moving the intestines.
    • Noted for undigested food in the stool.
    • Abdominal pain, dysentery, blood in the stool.
SP 17
Food Hole
    • Promotes smooth spleen qi (digestion), moves water stagnation - fullness of the chest and/or lateral costal region, abdominal distention perhaps with water swelling, belching, vomiting after eating, boborygmus.
SP 18
Celestial Ravine
    • Descends qi - chest oppression, shortness of breath, cough, hiccup, running piglet disorder.
    • Opens the chest and circulation in the breasts - breast pain, insufficient lactation.
SP 19
Chest Village
    • Aids the descent of lung qi - cough.
    • Regulate lung qi - shortness of breath, chest oppression.
SP 20
All-Round Flourishing
    • Aids the descent of lung qi - cough, shortness of breath, chest oppression.
    • Noted for difficulty in ingesting foods.
SP 21
Great Embracement
    • Mentioned classically that when this point is deficient, all the joints are flaccid, and when excess, pain all over the body.
    • Pain of the thoracic region.
    • Descends lung qi - cough, chest oppression, shortness of breath.