ST 34 - Acupuncture Point - Liangqiu

  • English Name:  Beam Hill
  • Pinyin Name:  Liangqiu
  • Chinese Character:  梁丘
  • With knee flexed, 2 cun above the superior lateral border of the patella on the line connecting with the ASIS.
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  • Lateral knee issues, swelling, pain, difficult movement.
  • Pain, motor control, circulation issues of the knee and/or lower leg.
  • Excess & Acute issues of the Stomach and chest - acute Stomach pain, GERD, vomiting, acute breast pain.

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The (ST) Stomach Meridian has 45 points:

Nearby Acupuncture Points and Usages

GraphicPointClinical Functions
SP 10
Sea of Blood
  • Any Gynecological issues originating from Blood, Heat, Stasis a/or Deficiency - irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, cramping, lin disorders, PMS, uterine bleeding.
  • Skin problems from damp-heat or hot Blood - eczema, painful/hot sores.
  • Genital issues - pain/swelling/itching of the scrotum/genitals.
  • Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Any blood issues, although the huatuo of T1 and T7 are used more often.


LV 9
Yin Bladder
  • Local point. 

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