ST 40 - Acupuncture Point - Fenglong

  • English Name:  Beautiful Bulge
  • Pinyin Name:  Fenglong
  • Chinese Character:  豐隆
  • 8 cun below ST 35, one finger width lateral to ST 38, two finger widths lateral to the anterior border of the tibia.
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  • Empirical point to resolve phlegm in the body anywhere from any origin.
  • Phlegm in the head - headaches, dizziness / vertigo, depression, poor concentration, stronger shen disturbances - mania.
  • Phlegm in the body - chest oppression, breathing issues, asthma, cough.
  • Plum Pit Qi, sore throat, loss of voice.
  • Issues with the lower limbs involving pain, swelling, numbness, weakness, etc.

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The (ST) Stomach Meridian has 45 points:

Nearby Acupuncture Points and Usages

GraphicPointClinical Functions
KD 9
Guest House
  • Strong spirit disorders - anger, cursing, mania.
  • Deficient yang, cold, in the abdomen - shan disorder, hernia, pain a/or retraction of the scrotum.
  • Useful in a detox prescription to assist the cleansing, especially with respect to emotional outbreaks
SP 7
Leaking Valley
  • Local point.
  • Continued muscle atrophy in the presence of adequate nutrition.
  • Promotes urination - difficult urination.
  • Resolves dampness - lower body swelling, ankle, knee.


LV 6
Central Metropolis
  • Acute hepatitis.
  • Pain along the channel, genital region or medial knee.  

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