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Stomach Meridian Patterns - Disharmonies Chart - TCM Theory

You may click on a particular pattern below for more detailed information including tongue and pulse diagnosis, related signs and symptoms and treatment points.

Excess Patterns




ST FireConstant hunger, painful, swollen a/or bleeding gums, regurgitation a/or vomiting likely after eating, burning sensation in the epigastrium, nausea, constipationRed, dry w/thick yellow coatFull, deep, rapid
ST Excess ColdUsually an acute situation, acute pain in the epigastrium which feels better with warm foods/drinks a/or the application of heat and worse with coldThick white coatDeep, slow, tight
ST Rebellious QiPattern usually appears with ST a/or other organ patterns and is related to the ST not descending the Qi, regurgitation, belching, hiccups, vomitingNormalTight
ST Food RetentionVomiting, regurgiation, belching, epigastric pain a/or distention, lack of appetite, insomniaThick yellow or white coatFull, slippery

Deficiency Patterns




ST Qi DeficiencyPoor appetite, lack of taste, dull sensation in the epigastrium, weak limbs, loose stoolsPaleEmpty
ST Yin DeficiencyEpigastric pain, poor appetite, heat in the 5 palms, constipation, dry mouth a/or throat, thirst w/no desire to drinkRed or peeled in the ST/SP areaFloating, empty

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