He Sea Theory and Applications

He Sea

The He Sea Points are a subsection of the Five Shu Points within TCM Theory. They have the following general usages:

  • Where the Qi of the Channel enters a deeper level to communicate with its pertaining organ
  • Located at or near the elbows and knees
  • Actions & Effects
  • Counterflow Qi, diarrhea, skin diseases (mainly hot)
  • Issues with the Yang Organs and Channels
  • Treats the Fu (hollow organs)

Point Categories

What Points Are In This Category?

LU 5 Cubit Marsh

  • He Sea Point - useful for counterflow Qi/diarrhea, hot skin conditions, phlegm-heat excess.
  • Acute/Chronic or Exterior/Interior Conditions.
  • Upper body edema, enuresis.
  • Local point for the elbow - tendonitis, tennis elbow.
  • Classically noted for the 5 types of Lumbar Pain - possibly the upper body equivalent of UB 40.
  • Main treatment point of Kidney Sho pattern (with KD 7 and LU 8) - in Japanese style Five Phase treatment protocol.

HT 3 Lesser Sea

  • Pain, numbness, tremors, etc. of the lower arms a/or hands - Parkinson's, stroke.
  • Good local point to move the Qi and Blood.
  • Spirit disorders from phlegm a/or heat etiologies - epilepsy, depression, anxiety, nervousness, poor memory, fuzzy thinking.
  • Water Point - redness of the eyes, mouth ulcerations.

SI 8 Small Sea

  • Elbow problems, swelling, trembling, pain, numbness, weakness - channel issues with excess wind a/or heat.
  • Submandibular region swelling or pain, toothache, gums, cheek, neck, scapula, axilla.
  • Epilepsy  

SP 9 Yin Mound Spring

  • He Sea point - drains dampness (generally through urination), LV 8 will drain damp from the genital region and SP 9 will drain damp from the lower warmer.
  • Chronic yeast infections, candida.
  • Damp Bi, Medial Knee Pain.
  • Issues involving damp-heat in the GB - hepatitis, jaundice.
  • Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Any water issue in the body (bloating, swelling, urinary issues, dry mouth, etc.).

KD 10 Yin Valley

  • Clears damp or damp-heat in the lower warmer - urgent/difficult urination, genital pain/itching, leukorrhea, uterine bleeding.
  • Main treatment point of Liver Sho pattern (with LV 8) - in Japanese style Five Phase treatment protocol.

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