Shu Stream Theory and Applications

Shu Stream

The Shu Stream Points are a subsection of the Five Shu Points within TCM Theory. They have the following general usages:

  • Shu-stream Points
  • Where the Qi of the Channel begins to pour
  • Located at or near the joints of the extremities (i.e. ankles & wrists)
  • On the Yin Channels Shu-stream points are identical to the Yuan-source points (important for tonifying and regulating their pertaining organs)
  • Actions & Effects
  • Heaviness a/or pain of the joints
  • Combine with the Ying-spring Points to treat the Yin organs
  • Yang Shu-stream Points useful for channel stagnation
  • Ling Shu ch. 44 states that they are useful for diseases which come and go

Point Categories

What Points Are In This Category?

SI 3 Back Ravine

  • Master Point of the GV, effects entire pathway.
  • Pain in the scapula, arm a/or hand combine with local points.
  • Stiff neck, cervical strain/sprain, pain of the back or neck.
  • Occipital headaches, combine with local points.
  • Night sweats, combine with HT 6.
  • Clears heat and excess from the head, ears and eyes, eye redness, inflammation, visual dizziness, earache, tinnitus, sore throat.
  • Calms the spirit, anxiety, manic depression.  

SP 3 Supreme White

  • SP Qi and Yang Deficiency, especially those with excess pathologies - abdominal a/or epigastric pain, digestive issues, heart pain.
  • Muscle atrophy in the lower legs, heaviness in the body.
  • Main treatment point of Lung Sho pattern (with LU 9) - in Japanese style Five Phase treatment protocol. Also the main point of Spleen Sho pattern (with PC 7).

KD 3 Great Ravine

  • Tonify KD Qi, Yin or Yang Deficiencies from any etiology.
  • Asthma from KD Deficiency - difficulty inhaling.
  • Tonifies Yin of KD (chronic sore throat, empty heat), LV (dizziness, tinnitus, headache) a/or HT (anxiety, insomnia, excessive dreaming).
  • Tonifies Yang of KD (impotence, premature ejaculation, seminal emission, weak low back/knees, frequent urination).
  • Low back pain, usually of a chronic nature.
  • Local point for heel a/or ankle pain.

ST 43 Sunken Valley

  • Similar actions to ST 44 but used less often - will clear heat from the channel and organ.
  • Classically noted for clearing facial pain and/or edema / swelling.  May be used for general edema.
  • Abdominal pain, bloating, borborygmus, frequent belching.
  • Local point for pain and/or swelling of the dorsum of the foot. 

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