Ying Spring Theory and Applications

Ying Spring

The Ying Spring Points are a subsection of the Five Shu Points within TCM Theory. They have the following general usages:

  • Ying-spring Points
  • Where the Qi of the Channel trickles
  • Located just proximal to the Jing-well points
  • Actions & Effects
  • Clears heat from the meridian/organ
  • Effect on the opposite end of the channel (less than Jing-well)
  • Clears Heat over the entire course of the channel (Jing-well works on the distal end)

Point Categories

What Points Are In This Category?

HT 8 Lesser Mansion

  • HT Fire effecting the SI effecting the UB, heat descending to the lower jiao - incontinence, difficult urination, fungal infections, genital itching.
  • Channel issues, sore throat, tongue stiffness, pain along the ulnar aspect of the arms.
  • Heart Qi Deficiency - palpitations, fear, hot palms.
  • Emotional disorders - although PC 8 may be a better choice.
  • HT Fire effecting the mouth - ulcers, canker sores, etc. - although PC 7 or PC 8 may be a better choice.
  • Local point for arm pain, elbow pain, and/or pain in the pinky finger.

SI 2 Front Valley

  • Local point for pain, swelling, numbness of the fingers.  As the water point it will remove heat - febrile disease, hot palms, darker urine.
  • Clear heat from the opposite end of the channel, tinnitus, headache, sore throat, neck, ear and/or eye pain and/or swelling.  

SP 2 Great Metropolis

  • Generally used to clear damp-heat - gout, painful obstructions.
  • Local point for issues with the big toe.
  • With SP 3 tonify SP organ - abdominal distention, diarrhea and/or heart pain.

KD 2 Blazing Valley

  • Generally useful for clearing excesses & acute presentations.
  • Ying Spring Point - clears heat, especially KD empty heat - chronic sore throats, irritability, night sweats, thirst.
  • Lower abdomen/sex organ/genital issues - Irregular menstruation, uterine prolapse, seminal emissions, impotence, genital itching and/or pain, difficult urination.
  • Wasting and Thirsting Disorder - thirst, dry mouth.
  • Local point for foot problems - swelling and/or pain, restless feet.
  • KD related emotional imbalances - fear of being apprehended, fright.
  • Moxa to tonify KD Yang.

ST 44 Inner Court

  • Ying Spring Point - Clears heat from the channel and organ - febrile disease with absence of sweating. 
  • Useful for issues of the Face & Jaw along with LI 4 - toothache, facial pain, bell's palsy, stroke, sore throat, eye pain.
  • Damp Heat in the intestines - diarrha, dysentary, distention, abominal pain, constipation, GERD.
  • Interior heat that presents with cold signs - Feel hot but hands/feet are cold or Red tongue w/cold extremities.
  • Local point for pain and/or swelling of the dorsum of the foot.

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