Xi Cleft Theory and Applications

Xi Cleft

Traditional Chinese Medicine utilizies a number of theories which group acupuncture points together based on their functions and/or other relationships. Many of these theories are important in a clinical setting and are used, along with other theory and diagnostic information, to decide which acupuncture points will be used for a given condition.

Below you find information regarding the xi cleft points. See our Acupuncture Point Categories section for a complete list of point categories.

For complete information about a single point, click on it within the chart.

Xi Cleft Points Theory and Applications

  • The Xi Cleft points, also called the accumulation points, are where the Qi and Blood of a meridian pool. They are primarily at or near the joints of the body.
  • In treatment they are used primarily for acute conditions, especially pain, that involve their related organs/channels.
  • LU 6 - acute asthma, wind heat
  • LI 7 - sore throat, face pain/swelling
  • SP 8 - blood stagnation in the uterus a/or lower abdomen
  • ST 34 - breast issues, epigastric pain
  • HT 6 - heart pain, reckless bleeding due to heat
  • SI 6 - severe pain along the SI channel
  • KD 5 - menstrual problems due to deficiency a/or blood stagnation
  • UB 63 - acute cystitis
  • PC 4 - severe chest pain, reckless bleeding due to heat
  • TH 7 - not used often clinically
  • LV 6 - acute cystitis, blood stagnation in the uterus a/or lower abdomen
  • GB 36 - painful obstruction a/or atrophy of the lower limbs
  • UB 59 - yang qiao mai, not used often clinically
  • KD 8 - yin qiao mai, menstrual irregularities
  • KD 9 - yin wei mai, severe and acute mental disorders
  • GB 35 - yang wei mai, not used often clinically

Xi Cleft Points Chart

LungLU 6Urinary BladderUB 63Yin Qiao VesselKD 8
Large IntestineLI 7KidneyKD 5Yang Qiao VesselUB 59
StomachST 34PericardiumPC 4Yin Wei VesselKD 9
SpleenSP 8Triple HeaterTH 7Yang Wei VesselGB 35
HeartHT 6Gall BladderGB 36
Small IntestineSI 6LiverLV 6

Point Categories

What Points Are In This Category?

LU 6 Collection Hole

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  • Xi Cleft Point - for Acute attacks of OPI's, usually wind-heat or wind-dry - cough, wheezing, asthma, sore throat.
  • Dry hacking cough, especially at night.
  • Local point for pain along the meridian, especially at the joints.

PC 4 Xi Cleft Gate

  • Acute palpitations, angina.
  • Acute heat in the Blood, coughing or vomiting of Blood, bleeding hemorrhoids.
  • Spirit disorders typically due to Blood stasis, yin spirit problems, depression, fear of people, grief.

HT 6 Yin Cleft

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  • Night sweats, Steaming Bone Disorders, tonify Yin and Blood.  Often used with SI 3 for nightsweats.
  • Acute chest and/or heart pain from Blood stasis.  Palpitations, although HT 5 may be better.
  • Acute emotional disturbances - mania, anxiety, shock, sudden loss of voice.
  • Counterflow qi - panic attacks, vomiting blood, nosebleeds.

SI 6 Nursing the Aged

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  • Acute and Severe Pain, in the neck, shoulder a/or arms.
  • Useful point for treating elderly patients, deafness, tinnitus, failing vision, upper body/limb stiffness.
  • Overwork a/or overstrain, fatigue in the extremities.  

TH 7 Convergence and Gathering

  • Local Point.

LI 7 Warm Dwelling

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  • Xi Cleft Point useful for pain due to stagnation along the meridian in the shoulders, elbows and wrist.
  • Classically noted with LI 5 for "seeing ghosts," may be useful in manic conditions.  

SP 8 Earth's Crux

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  • Xi Cleft Point - acute and painful menstrual issues due to Blood stagnation - clotting, fibroids, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation.
  • Male infertility - seminal emission, depleted essence.

LV 6 Central Metropolis

  • Acute hepatitis.
  • Pain along the channel, genital region or medial knee.  

KD 5 Water Spring

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  • Generally nourishes Yin and Blood and moves the uterus.
  • KD related menstrual issues, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea (pain/cramps), delayed menstruation, sensations of oppression below the heart (possibly at onset of menstruation).
  • Uterine prolapse.

KD 8 Intersection Reach

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  • Issues of movement and mobility of the medial aspect of the lower limbs, ankle, heel - sprains, pain

KD 9 Guest House

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  • Strong spirit disorders - anger, cursing, mania.
  • Deficient yang, cold, in the abdomen - shan disorder, hernia, pain a/or retraction of the scrotum.
  • Useful in a detox prescription to assist the cleansing, especially with respect to emotional outbreaks

UB 59 Instep Yang

  • Acute pain a/or spasm of the Bladder a/or Yang Qiao meridians.
  • Lateral ankle sprai.

UB 63 Metal Gate

  • Local Point.

ST 34 Beam Hill

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  • Lateral knee issues, swelling, pain, difficult movement.
  • Pain, motor control, circulation issues of the knee and/or lower leg.
  • Excess & Acute issues of the Stomach and chest - acute Stomach pain, GERD, vomiting, acute breast pain.

GB 35 Yang Intersection

  • Local Point.

GB 36 Outer Hill

  • Mentioned in the Bronze Man for treating rabies w/rage, fever, convulsions - moxa 3 cones after bite.
  • Acute cholecystitis.
  • Acute painful skin conditions

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