Names Of Huatuojiaji

T11 Huatuo Acupuncture Point

  • English Name: Sides of Spine at T11
  • Pinyin Name: Huatuojiaji
  • Chinese Character: 華佗夾脊

Where Is T11 Huatuo?

T11 Huatuo Location

  • .5 cun lateral to the lower border of the spinous processes of T11
  • Unsure about "cun" measurements, read what is a cun?.

What Is T11 Huatuo Used For?

T11 Huatuo Clinical Usages

  • T11 innervates the small intestine and is used for a range of digestive and assimilation issues and with related factors edema in the abdomen or lower part of the body.
  • Used  extensively within the Tam Healing System and Tong Ren Therapy. May be needled and used with tuina and/or tonren therapy.

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What Conditions May Use T11 Huatuo?

This point along with others in a proper point prescription may be used to balance the following Conditions / Symptoms:

For more on this, read "What Does Acupuncture Treat?" and "Point Prescription Guidelines".

What Points Are Near T11 Huatuo?

UB 20 Spleen Shu

  • Main point for all Spleen problems from a TCM perspective of both the physical organ functions and the energetic/psychological relationships.
  • Physical spleen issues - distention, abdominal pain, bloating, poor appetite along with more involved conditions - dysentary, malarial diseases.
  • Blood related conditions - heavy menstrual bleeding, uterine bleeding, blood in the stools and/or urine.
  • Commonly used for SP Qi Deficiency: fatigue (can be heavy, spreading through the limbs/heaviness), lack of appetite, abdominal bloating a/or distention, undigested food in the stools, chronic diarrhea a/or belching.

UB 49 Reflection Abode

  • Reinforce the SP Shu (UB 20) especially with damp heat conditions: hepatitis, cholecystitis, wasting and thirsting (diabetes), et.

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