Names Of Shangming

(EX) Shangming Acupuncture Point

  • English Name: Upper Brightness
  • Pinyin Name: Shangming
  • Chinese Character:

Where Is (EX) Shangming?

(EX) Shangming Location

  • Directly below the midpoint of the arch of the eyebrow, just under the superior border of the orbit. Below Yuyao.
  • Unsure about "cun" measurements, read what is a cun?.

What Is (EX) Shangming Used For?

(EX) Shangming Clinical Usages

  • Disorders of the eyelids, pterygium.
  • Vision issues, optic nerve atrophy, glaucoma.

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Any Precautions Using (EX) Shangming?

Primary Contraindications:

Contraindication Notes:

  • No Moxa.
  • No Needle manipulation.

Please note that for many contraindications there are clinically valid reasons to use these points even when they are technically contraindicated.

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What Conditions May Use (EX) Shangming?

This point along with others in a proper point prescription may be used to balance the following Conditions / Symptoms:

For more on this, read "What Does Acupuncture Treat?" and "Point Prescription Guidelines".

What Points Are Near (EX) Shangming?

(EX) Yuyao Fish Loin

  • Frontal headache a/or pain in the supraorbital region.
  • Disorders of the eyelids, pterygium.

UB 1 Bright Eyes

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  • Main point for all eye disorders especially from wind (internal or external), excess, a/or heat.
  • Eye pain, strain, redness, swelling, itching, twitching, blurry vision, etc.
  • Myopia, color blindness, night blindness.
  • Glaucoma, optic nerve atrophy, cataracts.

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