Names Of Yintang

(EX) Yintang Acupuncture Point

  • English Name: Hall of Seal
  • Pinyin Name: Yintang
  • Chinese Character: 印堂

Where Is (EX) Yintang ?

(EX) Yintang Location

  • Midway between the medial ends of the eyebrows
  • Unsure about "cun" measurements, read what is a cun?.

What Is (EX) Yintang Used For?

(EX) Yintang Clinical Usages

  • Calms the spirit - insomnia, anxiety, stress.
  • Frontal headache.
  • Sinus issues - congestion, sinusitis.
  • Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Eye and sinus issues, useful point for building the energy in the head during qi gong.

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