Acupuncture Point Contraindications for Moxibustion

Moxibustion Contraindications

Below you will find common cautions and contraindications for moxibustion pertaining to the practice of Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. You may follow each of the links to see more details about specific points, herbs and formulas that have related cautions.

It is important to note that our lists are by no means comprehensive, so if there is any doubt you should ask your teachers or your practitioner. Cautions are also somewhat generalized. There are many instances where something may be listed as contraindicated, for example during pregnancy, but may be used for certain clinical reasons. Proper utilization is heavily reliant on each practitioners training; further, there are many sub-systems within Chinese Medicine where something might be contraindicated in one system and utilized within another system.

*Please Note*: This section is currently a work in progress, for a full listing of acupuncture point precautions, please see this page.

Points With Precautions

UB 6

  • UB 6  Light Guard
    • Local point generally for headaches and vision issues - clears heat and wind.
    • Headaches particularly with visual dizziness.
    • Visual issues - blurry vision.
    • Wind-heat conditions when there is no sweating - vomiting, nasal discharge, etc.
    • Loss of smell.

(EX) Shangming

  • (EX) Shangming Upper Brightness
    • Disorders of the eyelids, pterygium.
    • Vision issues, optic nerve atrophy, glaucoma.

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