Chinese Herbal and Acupuncture Treatment Protocols for Cough - Formulas, Protocols, TCM Diagnoses

Cough - Basics

A cough is the body's reaction to irritants in the airways, which carry air to and from the lungs. When the lungs become irritated, the nerve endings in the airways react by clearing out the lungs--or coughing. Often, coughing is a symptom of a larger medical issue such as acid reflux disease, an upper respiratory infection, asthma or a common cold.

Below you will find alternative and natural treatment options including those from a Chinese Medicine perspective for coughing.

Cough - Diagnostic Patterns

The Chinese Medicine treatment of cough generally involves arriving at the appropriate TCM diagnosis or pattern. This pattern within the individual is what treatment is based on not the general condition (see treating the cause and not the symptoms).

The following patterns may represent the underlying contributing factors for the development of cough:

Cough - Acupuncture Protocols

The treatment of conditions with acupuncture can be a complicated endeavor that should only be undertaken by individuals with a deep understanding of the underlying Chinese Medicine theory (and/or whatever system being used for treatment). There are many approaches, but generally speaking few viable approaches are involved on a point to condition basis. Rather using proper diagnostic procedures the patients diagnostic pattern is ascertained and that is what is treated. The protocols listed here exemplify some of these clinical approaches.

The following Acupuncture Treatment Protocols May Be Used With Cough

Cough - Formulas From Our Store

The following herbal formulas are potentially useful in the process of treating cough. For a complete list from our store with more details see our cough formula section.

Cough - Questions

Need treatment options for cough and not finding the information you need?

Using our forums our staff and our community may offer guidance with regards to the treatment of cough.

Cough - Related Acupuncture Points

The following (32) acupuncture points may be useful for cough. A subset of these could potentially be useful with acupressure stimulation and/or tongren therapy methods as well.

Generally treatment would be based on the TCM patterns listed above instead of selecting points by function alone, (see general points selection rules.)

Cough - Related Chinese Herbs

The following (24) chinese herbs may be useful for cough. In most cases, however, treatment with Chinese Herbal Medicine is done with herbal formulas based on the TCM patterns listed above instead of selecting herbs by function alone. When available, relevant formulas will appear below and/or in the store listings above.

The following (9) Formulas TCM Herbal Formulas May Be Useful For Cough

Bai He Gu Jin Wan

  • Lily Bulb to Preserve the Metal
  • For lung and kidney yin deficiency with signs such as dry cough, possibly with blood streaked sputum, dry and sore throat, heat in the five palms, nightsweats, wheezing.

    The Pulse will be thin and rapid and the Tongue will be red with little coating.

  • Treat Dryness
  • Enrich the Yin and Moisten Dryness

Er Chen He San Zi Yang Qin Wan

Gan Mao Ling

Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan

Sheng Mai San Wan

Sheng Mai Yin Wan

Su Zi Jiang Qi Wan

  • Perilla Fruit Pill to Direct Qi Downward
  • Cough with watery, copious sputum, breathing issues such as wheezing, asthma, shortness of breath (particularly difficulty inhaling), chest oppression. ┬áPossibly signs of kidney qi/yang deficiency such as edema, weak low back and/or legs, fatigue.

    The Tongue will have a white coating that can be either greasy or slippery.

  • Regulate the Qi
  • Direct Rebellious Qi Downward

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