Chinese Herbal and Acupuncture Treatment Protocols for Dermatitis - Formulas, Protocols, TCM Diagnoses

Dermatitis - Basics

Dermatitis is the term used to describe any type of skin inflammation. This can present in the form of a rash, bumps, blisters, dryness and/or itchy skin. Common types of dermatitis include atopic, contact, seborrheic and stasis.

Atopic dermatitis is characterized by chronic skin inflammation that occurs in flares (periods of peaked irritation) and remissions. Contact dermatitis occurs when the skin comes in contact with an irritant or allergen that causes the skin to produce an itchy rash in the area of contact. Seborrheic dermatitis causes yellowish or white, scaly patches to form on oily areas of the body. Commonly occurring in the lower legs, stasis dermatitis causes skin irritation and the appearance of dark legions due to reduced blood circulation.

Below you will find alternative and natural treatment options including those from a Chinese Medicine perspective for Dermatitis.

Dermatitis - Diagnostic Patterns

The Chinese Medicine treatment of dermatitis generally involves arriving at the appropriate TCM diagnosis or pattern. This pattern within the individual is what treatment is based on not the general condition (see treating the cause and not the symptoms).

The following patterns may represent the underlying contributing factors for the development of dermatitis:

Dermatitis - Formulas From Our Store

The following herbal formulas are potentially useful in the process of treating dermatitis. For a complete list from our store with more details see our dermatitis formula section.

Dermatitis - Questions

Need treatment options for dermatitis and not finding the information you need?

Using our forums our staff and our community may offer guidance with regards to the treatment of dermatitis.

The following (3) Formulas TCM Herbal Formulas May Be Useful For Dermatitis

Fu Fang Zhen Zhu An Chuang Pian

  • Margarite Acne Pills
    • Cystic acne, pimples.
    • Skin irritation due to damp heat - eczema, boils, carbuncles, etc.
    • With appropriate diagnosis can be used for acute dermatitis, poison ivy/oak.
  • Clear Heat
  • Clear Heat From The Nutritive Level and Cool The Blood
  • Cautions
    • Use with caution in patients that present with dryness or yin deficiency.

Si Wu Tang Wan

  • Four Substances Pills
    • The primary base formula for tonifying the blood and regulating menstruation in Chinese Medicine terms - irregular cycles, amenorrhea or long cycles.
    • Postpartum issues such as uterine bleeding when arising from blood deficiency.
    • General blood deficiency symptoms - dry skin, dry eyes, dry hair, anemia, calf cramping. ¬†Certain version of dermatitis, psoriasis and other skin conditions - diabetic ulcers, etc.
    • With the right underlying factors threatened miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy.
    • Fertility issues, endometriosis.
  • Tonify
  • Tonify the Blood
  • Cautions
    • Avoid during the early phases of a cold or flu.

Xiao Feng Wan

  • Clear Wind Pill
    • Itchy and red skin lesions, possibly with weeping -psoriasis, eczema, acne, etc.
    • Topical allergic response, dermatitis -poison ivy, oak, sumac.
    • Acute [allergic] edema in the limbs.


  • Expel Wind
  • Release Wind from the Skin and Channels
  • Cautions
    • Use with caution with patients that present with yin and or blood deficiency.

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