Clinical Information For the Treatment Of Diabetes Type I

What Is Diabetes Type I?


Diabetes Type I - Basics

Diabetes is a condition characterized by high levels of glucose in the blood due to a limited production of or ineffective performance of insulin in the body. After a person eats, glucose (sugar) from the food enters the bloodstream. Insulin, a chemical produced by the pancreas, then absorbs glucose from the blood and deposits it into various cells to use for energy. If the body's insulin levels are too low or the insulin does not function properly, glucose collects in the blood, causing diabetes.

Type I diabetes is usually diagnosed in children and young adults, and is caused by the body's destruction of insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. Signs that an individual may have diabetes include frequent urination, abnormal thirst, slow healing of wounds, unexplained weight loss, dry or itchy skin, abnormal hunger or fatigue, and numbness in the feet.

Below you will find alternative and natural treatment options including those from a Chinese Medicine perspective for Diabetes Type I.

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Which Acupuncture Point Protocols May Be Applied For Diabetes Type I?


Diabetes Type I - Acupuncture Protocols

The treatment of conditions with acupuncture can be a complicated endeavor that should only be undertaken by individuals with a deep understanding of the underlying Chinese Medicine theory (and/or whatever system being used for treatment). There are many approaches, but generally speaking few viable approaches are involved on a point to condition basis. Rather using proper diagnostic procedures the patients diagnostic pattern is ascertained and that is what is treated. The protocols listed here exemplify some of these clinical approaches.

The following acupuncture treatment protocols may be used with diabetes type i:

Which Tam Healing and Tongren Therapy Protocols Apply To Diabetes Type I?


Diabetes Type I - Tam Healing and Tongren Therapy Protocols

Tong Ren Therapy is the energy healing/medical qi gong aspect of the Tam Healing System. The areas of focus for diabetes type i that we would use in Tong Ren techniques form the basis for our acupuncture treatments as well. Generally you would mix these primary points with points specific to the patients underlying TCM pattern and then our tuina (medical massage) would be largely focused on these points as well.

The following Tam healing and tong ren therapy protocols may be used with diabetes type i:

2 Points Are Empirically Important For Diabetes Type I

1 TCM Herb Are Potentially Used With Diabetes Type I

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