Clinical Information For the Treatment Of Frequent Urination

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Formulas and Products @ Our Store Associated With Frequent Urination

The Following (2)Formulas TCM Herbal Formulas May Be Useful For Frequent Urination

Sang Piao Xiao Wan (Mantis Egg Case Powder)

Clinical Usages

  • Frequent urination, possibly incontinent from weakness in the heart and kidney systems.  Pang Guang Shi Yue (bladder losing restraint).
  • Other kidney deficiency signs possible such as spermatorrhea, forgetfulness, fatigue, constipation...
  • Bedwetting in children when it is from deficiency - and often associated with "kidney" issues such as fear.

    Clinical Categorization


      • Only use in with cases of deficiency, damp-heat or excess fire should be treated via other formulas.

        Suo Quan Wan (Shut The Sluice Pills)

        Clinical Usages

        • Frequent, clear and prolonged urination with difficulty restraining - along with other kidney deficiency signs.
        • Bedwetting in children in many cases, not necessarily just from deficiency.  

          Clinical Categorization

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