Chinese Herbal and Acupuncture Treatment Protocols for Memory Problems - Formulas, Protocols, TCM Diagnoses

Memory Problems - Basics

There are several conditions or factors that can lead to changes in memory. As an individual grows older, it is common to become more forgetful; however, if memory loss interferes with carrying out everyday tasks, it could be a sign of a more serious medical issue. Two major conditions that affect memory include Alzheimer's Disease and Multi-infarct Dementia. Alzheimer's Disease is a gradual, irreversible disease that attacks the brain, affecting the memory and thinking skills and eventually progressing to damage other regions of the brain such that simple daily functions become nearly impossible.
Individuals with multi-infarct dementia experience multiple, small strokes, which cut off blood flow to the brain, resulting in tissue damage. Other factors that can cause memory problems include depression, thyroid problems, poor diet, dehydration, head injury, and certain medications.
Below you will find alternative and natural treatment options including those from a Chinese Medicine perspective for memory problems.

Memory Problems - Formulas From Our Store

The following herbal formulas are potentially useful in the process of treating memory problems. For a complete list from our store with more details see our memory problems formula section.

Memory Problems - Questions

Need treatment options for memory problems and not finding the information you need?

Using our forums our staff and our community may offer guidance with regards to the treatment of memory problems.

Memory Problems - Related Acupuncture Points

The following (1) acupuncture point may be useful for memory problems. A subset of these could potentially be useful with acupressure stimulation and/or tongren therapy methods as well.

Generally treatment would be based on the TCM patterns listed above instead of selecting points by function alone, (see general points selection rules.)

Memory Problems - Related Chinese Herbs

The following (4) chinese herbs may be useful for memory problems. In most cases, however, treatment with Chinese Herbal Medicine is done with herbal formulas based on the TCM patterns listed above instead of selecting herbs by function alone. When available, relevant formulas will appear below and/or in the store listings above.

The following (1) Formula TCM Herbal Formulas May Be Useful For Memory Problems

Ren Shen Shou Wu Wan

  • Ginseng Fo-Ti Pills
    • Hair loss, dry hair, greying hair as a result of dimished jing/essence.
    • Low sperm count, low libedo, and infertility.
  • Tonify
  • Tonify the Qi and Blood

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