Clinical Information For the Treatment Of Sore Throat

What Is Sore Throat?


Sore Throat - Basics

A sore throat is characterized by scratchiness, pain and/or tenderness. It is commonly one of the early symptoms of the common cold or another type of viral infection; however, it can be the result of seasonal allergies, flu, breathing in cold air, mouth breathing, strep throat or an obstruction.
Below you will find alternative and natural treatment options including those from a Chinese Medicine perspective for sore throat.

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Which Tam Healing and Tongren Therapy Protocols Apply To Sore Throat?


Sore Throat - Tam Healing and Tongren Therapy Protocols

Tong Ren Therapy is the energy healing/medical qi gong aspect of the Tam Healing System. The areas of focus for sore throat that we would use in Tong Ren techniques form the basis for our acupuncture treatments as well. Generally you would mix these primary points with points specific to the patients underlying TCM pattern and then our tuina (medical massage) would be largely focused on these points as well.

The following Tam healing and tong ren therapy protocols may be used with sore throat:

25 Points Are Empirically Important For Sore Throat

15 TCM Herbs Are Potentially Used With Sore Throat

Formulas and Products @ Our Store Associated With Sore Throat

The Following (8)Formulas TCM Herbal Formulas May Be Useful For Sore Throat

Bai He Gu Jin Wan (Lily Bulb to Preserve the Metal)

Clinical Usages

  • General yin deficiency signs may present as night sweats, heat in the soles and palms, and flusing.
  • Cough/wheezing, possible blood in the sputum, dry and sore throat may present from lung yin and qi deficiency.
  • Useful for treating people who quit smoking or those with acute smoke exposure.

    Clinical Categorization

    Huang Lian Shang Qing Wan (Coptis Clearance Pill)

    Clinical Usages

    • Dispels wind heat, clear toxic heat - generally used short-term for inflammatory conditions of the face, mouth, head - sore throat, conjunctivitis, acne, swollen gums.
    • Can be a supportive formula for liver fire conditions resulting in headache, tinnitus, dizziness, vertigo.
    • A range of yang ming heat issues - constipation, halitosis, gingivitis.

      Clinical Categorization

      Liu Wei Di Huang Wan (Six Ingredient Pill with Rehmannia)

      Clinical Usages

      • Dizziness, tinnitus, possibly vertigo as a result of kidney and liver yin deficiency.
      • Insomnia especially with night sweats, hot flashes, irritability.
      • Spontaneous/nocturnal emissions. 
      • Menopause related symptoms including cardiovascular issues, bone health, etc. when arising from yin deficiency.

        Clinical Categorization


          • Use with caution in patients that present with spleen qi deficiency.

            Mai Men Dong Yin Zi Wan (Ophiopogon and Trichosanthes Combination)

            Clinical Usages

            • Lung and stomach yin deficiency - this is a modified version of Mai Men Dong Tang - fei wei (lung atrophy) syndrome in Chinese Medicine - dry cough from yin fluid damage, generally arises from deficiency fire rising from the stomach yin deficiency.  
            • A range of digestive issues - nausea, vomiting, counterflow qi, gastritis, peptic ulcer disease.
            • Acute or chronic lung issues - bronchitis, dry cough - particularly with other yin deficiency signs (malar flush, heat in the five palms, etc.)
            • Sjogren's syndrome - when other underlying diagnostic factors are a good fit.

              Clinical Categorization

              Pu Ji Xiao Du Wan (Universal Benefit Decoction To Eliminate Toxin)

              Clinical Usages

              • Acute febrile disorder (wind-heat & damp-phlegm) of the head - strong fever and chills, burning pain of head and face, red and/or swollen eyes, sore throat, aversion to cold, dryness, thirst.  Hemorrhagic fever, Respiratory Tract Infection, Acute tonsillitis, otitis media, lymphadenitis, Common Cold, Flu.  More common seasonally in the winter or spring.
              • Disperse wind-heat - cellulitis in the head and face, herpes, boils.
              • Has a range of antibiotic and antiviral effects.

                Clinical Categorization


                  • Generally meant for short-term usage, avoid or use with caution in patients with yin deficiency.

                    Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan (Clear the Qi and Transform Phlegm Pill)

                    Clinical Usages

                    • Cough with thick yellow or green phlegm, difficulty breathing, wheezing, and possible fullness of the chest due to damp heat accumulation in the lungs.

                      Clinical Categorization

                      Sha Shen Mai Dong Wan (Glehnia and Ophiopogonis Decoction)

                      Clinical Usages

                      • Important formula for stomach yin deficiency - benefits the stomach and the lungs - a range of digestive issues (gastritis, epigastric pain), possibly with dry throat, thirst and/or cough.
                      • Diabetes - particularly with signs of dryness.
                      • A range of lung related issues - lung cancer, pneumonia, cough/wheezing.

                        Clinical Categorization

                        Xiang Yin Wan (Golden Voice Pills)

                        Clinical Usages

                        • Benefits the yin and qi of the lungs, clears heat and wind - acute and/or chronic throat and/or voice issues from overuse, illness, smoking, etc.  Symptoms may include difficulty speaking, hoarseness/raspy voice, sore throat. 
                        • This formula may be used to treat polyps/nodules of the vocal cords, laryngitis, sore throat, and other vocal problems due to overuse when the underlying patterns fit.

                          Clinical Categorization

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