TCM Acupuncture Theory, Treatments, Protocols and Resources

TCM Theory

Acupuncture is a living medicine with a long and complex history of development. The pages below describe many facets of acupuncture and traditional chinese medicine (tcm) theory from the foundations of Qi, Yin and Yang to the treatment of modern western medical conditions. You will find complete information related to the acupuncture meridians and individual points along with their clinical usages, information related to the diagnostic tools used in clinical practice as well as complete treatment protocols for a variety of disorders. Additionally, we have a number of useful charts, graphics and study tools which are especially useful for students.

If you are new to acupuncture you may want to start with our acupuncture basics and first acupuncture treatment pages.

This section of our site covers detailed theory, other related sections are our acupuncture points section and our conditions treated with acupuncture section.

Our Chinese acupuncture information is divided into the following sections:

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