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Bing Lang TCM Herb - Materia Medica

  • English Name: Betel Nut, Areca Seeds
  • Pinyin Name: Bing Lang
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How Is Bing Lang Categorized?

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Our Database Has 4 TCM Herbs In The Herbs That Expel Parasites Category

How Is Bing Lang Used Clinically?

Bing Lang Usages and Indications

  • Kills parasites - tapeworms, pinworms, roundworms, blood flukes, helps expel body of worms as well.
  • Promote movement of Qi, reduce stagnation - drains down and unblocks the bowels, food accumulation, abdominal distention, constipation, tenesmus.
  • Promote urination - damp phlegm and malarial disorders.

How Is Bing Lang Prepared?

Dosage and Preparation Notes For Bing Lang

  • Dosage: 6-12g
  • Alone: 120g

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Notes From Our Clinicians For Bing Lang

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Also Used For:
Orally, areca is used as a recreational drug because of its central nervous system (CNS) stimulating properties.  It is also used orally for the treatment of schizophrenia, but is otherwise rarely used therapeutically.  Historically, areca has been used for glaucoma and as a mild stimulant and digestive aid.

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