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Ce Bai Ye TCM Herb - Materia Medica

  • English Name: Biota Leaves
  • Pinyin Name: Ce Bai Ye
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How Is Ce Bai Ye Categorized?

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Our Database Has 15 TCM Herbs In The Herbs That Stop Bleeding Category

How Is Ce Bai Ye Used Clinically?

Ce Bai Ye Usages and Indications

  • Cools blood, stops bleeding - vomiting blood, bleeding gums, coughing blood, blood in the stool or urine, uterine bleeding, bloody dysentery.
  • Stops cough, expels phlegm - lung heat patterns (cough w/phlegm), thick bloody sputum that is difficult to expectorate.
  • Promote healing of burns - topically in powdered form for early stages.

How Is Ce Bai Ye Prepared?

Dosage and Preparation Notes For Ce Bai Ye

  • Dosage: 6-15g

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Uterine Bleeding

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Formulas Which Generally Contain Ce Bai Ye

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