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Hai Ge Ke TCM Herb - Materia Medica

  • English Name: Clam Shell
  • Pinyin Name: Hai Ge Ke
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How Is Hai Ge Ke Categorized?

Hai Ge Ke Functional Category

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Our Database Has 15 TCM Herbs In The Herbs That Cool and Transform Phlegm Heat Category

How Is Hai Ge Ke Used Clinically?

Hai Ge Ke Usages and Indications

  • Clears heat, directs lung qi downwards, transforms phlegm - lung-heat cough with thick sputum (difficult to expectorate), chest or rib pain.
  • Softens hardness, dissipates nodules - phlegm fire goiter and scrofula.
  • Promotes urination, expels dampness - turbid painful urinary dysfunction and vaginal discharge.
  • Epigastric pain, acid reflux - calcined powdered form).

How Is Hai Ge Ke Prepared?

Dosage and Preparation Notes For Hai Ge Ke

  • Dosage: 6-15g

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