Herbs That Invigorate Blood - Functional Grouping Relationships

Herbs That Invigorate Blood - General Concepts

  • For blood stasis - pain, abscesses and ulcers, abdominal masses.

Herbs That Invigorate Blood - Section Summary

The Herbs That Invigorate Blood Grouping Has 30 Herbs In Our Database

(Huai) Niu Xi

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  • Achyranthes Root
    • Invigorates blood, expels blood stasis - dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, lochioschesis.
    • Strengthens the sinews, bones, and joints - lower back and knee issues due to deficiency (tonifies the liver and kidneys).
    • Clears damp heat in the lower burner - damp-heat pouring downward manifesting as back and knee pain, w/lin.
    • Brings blood downward - yin deficiency with fire or hot blood in the upper warmer, vomiting blood, toothache, nosebleed, dizziness, headache, blurred vision (yang rising).
  • Cautions
    • Avoid During Pregnancy

Chi Shao

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  • Red Peony Root
    • Invigorates blood, dispels stasis (stronger than Mu Dan Pi) - dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, abdominal pain and masses, traumatic pain associated with swelling, early stages of abscesses and boils.
    • Clears heat, cools the blood (especially for excess heat in the blood) - for heat entering the blood level with fever, purple tongue, skin blotches, bleeding, gyn issues.
    • Clears liver fire - for red swollen, painful eyes.
  • Cautions

Chuan Shan Jia

  • Pangolin Scales
    • Disperses blood stasis, unblocks menses, promotes lactation - amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, insufficient lactation due to blood stasis.
    • Reduces swellings and promotes discharge of pus - abscesses and boils (topically).
    • Expels wind-damp from the channels.

Chuan Xiong

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  • Szechuan Lovage Root
    • Invigorate blood, promote movement of Qi - any blood stasis pattern, important for gynecological issues (amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, difficult labor, lochioschesis).
    • Expels wind and alleviates pain - headache (temporal, vertex), dizziness, painful obstructions, skin issues.
    • Headache - moves qi upward and alleviates pain; headaches due to wind, heat, cold, blood deficiency.

Dan Shen

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  • Salvia Root
    • Invigorate blood, break up blood stasis in lower abdomen - dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, palpable masses, lochioschesis, pain due to blood stasis, chest/epigastric pain, soreness in the ribs due to liver qi stagnation w/blood stasis.
    • Clear heat, soothe irritability - restlessness, irritability, insomnia due to heat entering the ying level.
  • Cautions

E Zhu

  • Zeodoaria Rhizome
    • Breaks up blood stasis, promotes movement of Qi, alleviates pain - abdominal pain, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, abdominal masses, epigastric masses due to blood stasis.
    • Dissolve food stagnation, accumulations.
  • Cautions
    • Do Not Use During Pregnancy

Hong Hua

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  • Safflower Flower
    • Invigorate blood, unblock menstruation - blood stasis patterns w/amenorrhea, abdominal pain, post partum dizziness, lochioschesis, abdominal masses.
    • Dispels blood stasis, alleviates pain - blood stasis wounds and pain, carbuncles, dark purplish erythema, rash, chest pain due to blood stasis.
  • Cautions
    • Avoid During Pregnancy

Hu Zhang

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  • Bushy Knotweed Root
    • Invigorates blood and dispels stasis - amenorrhea, wind-damp painful obstruction, traumatic injury.
    • Clears heat and resolves dampness - damp heat jaundice, turbid vaginal discharge.
    • Drains heat, transforms phlegm - cough due to lung heat, constipation.
    • Discharges toxins - burns, carbuncles (topically).
  • Cautions
    • Avoid During Pregnancy

Ji Xue Teng

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  • Millettia Vine
    • Promotes the movement of blood, tonify the blood - blood deficiency patterns such as irregular menses, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, accompanied with abdominal pain.
    • Invigorate the channels, relax the sinews - numbness of the extremities, lower back pain, knee pain, damp bi-syndrome, w/blood deficiency or stasis.

Jiang Huang

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  • Tumeric Rhizome
    • Invigorate blood, unblock menses - chest and abdominal pain, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, pain and swelling due to trauma.
    • Promote the movement of Qi, alleviate pain - epigastric and/or abdominal pain.
    • Expel wind, promote movement of blood - wind damp painful obstruction w/blood stasis (particularly in the shoulders).

Jiu Ji Nu

  • Artemesia
    • Dispels blood stasis, unblocks menses - amenorrhea, post partum abdominal pain, pain due to trauma.
    • Topically - burns, bleeding from wounds, contusions.
  • Cautions
    • Avoid During Pregnancy

Lu Lu Tong

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  • Sweetgum Fruit
    • Promotes movement of qi and blood, opens middle burner and unblocks the channels - irregular or scanty menses, abdominal pain or distention, pain and stiffness in the lower back and knees (wind-damp painful obstruction).
    • Promotes urination - edema with difficult urination.
  • Cautions
    • Avoid During Pregnancy

Mo Yao

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  • Myrrh
    • Invigorate blood, dispel blood stasis, reduces swelling, alleviate pain - trauma, sores, carbuncles, swellings, abdominal masses, painful obstruction, chest pain, abdominal pain, amenorrhea.
    • Promotes healing of chronic non-healing sores.
  • Cautions
    • Avoid During Pregnancy

Ru Xiang

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  • Frankincense
    • Invigorate blood, dispel blood stasis, alleviate pain - trauma, carbuncles and swellings, chest and/or abdominal pain.
    • Relax the sinews, invigorates the channels, alleviates pain - bi syndromes, rigidity, spasms.
    • Reduces swellings, generates flesh - topically for sores, carbuncles, traumatic injury.
  • Cautions
    • Avoid During Pregnancy

San Leng

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  • Scirpus Rhizome
    • Breaks up blood stasis, promotes movement of Qi, alleviates pain - amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, post partum abdominal pain, abdominal masses.
    • Dissolves food stagnation, accumulations.
  • Cautions
    • Avoid During Pregnancy

Shui Zhi

  • Leech
    • Breaks up blood stasis, reduces immobile masses - amenorrhea, abdominal masses, trauma.
  • Cautions
    • Avoid During Pregnancy

Si Gua Luo

  • Dried Vegetable Sponge
    • Expels wind, invigorates the channels - damp heat obstructing the channels and muscles causing sore chest and flank areas, sore muscles and sinews, stiff joints, traumatic injury, breast abscess.
    • Expels phlegm - cough due to lung heat with high fever, chest pain, sticky sputum.
    • Expels summer heat, promotes urination.
    • Swollen-painful breasts, insufficient lactation.

Su Mu

Tao Ren

  • Peach Seed
    • Breaks up blood stasis (important herb) - menstrual disorders, abdominal pain/masses, trauma, flank pain, lung abscess, intestinal abscess.
    • Moistens intestines, unblock bowels - constipation due to dry intestines.
  • Cautions
    • Avoid During Pregnancy

Tu Bie Chong

  • Wingless Cockroach
    • Breaks up and drives out blood stasis - wide variety of blood stasis such as abdominal masses and amenorrhea, numb and swollen tongue due to blood stasis.
    • Renews joints, sinews, bones - contusions, fractures, lacerations.
  • Cautions
    • Avoid During Pregnancy

Wa Leng Zi

  • Cockle Shell, Ark Shell
    • Invigorate blood, dissolve phlegm, dissipate nodules - abdominal masses (mobile or fixed, due to blood stasis/stagnation qi/accumulation of phlegm).
    • Absorb acid, alleviate pain - chronic stomach pain, ulcer, vomiting of acid.

Wang Bu Liu Xing

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  • Vaccaria Seeds
    • Invigorate blood and channels - upper body - promote lactation, lower body - unblocks menses, amenorrhea due to blood stasis.
    • Swelling - breast or testicular swellings with pain.
  • Cautions
    • Avoid During Pregnancy

Wu Ling Zhi

  • Flying Squirrel Feces
    • Disperse blood stasis, alleviate pain - amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, post partum abdominal pain, epigastric pain due to blood stasis.
    • Transforms stasis, stop bleeding - uterine bleeding, lochioschesis.
    • Childhood nutritional impairment with focal distention.
    • Use raw to invigorate blood and dry-fry to stop bleeding.
  • Cautions

Xue Jie

  • Dragons Blood
    • Dispels blood stasis, relieves pain - traumatic injury, fractures, contusion, sprains, bruising.
    • Stops bleeding (topically) - external injury.
    • Protects decay of ulcer's surface, generates flesh - chronic non-healing sores.
  • Cautions
    • Avoid during Pregnancy.

Yan Hu Suo

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  • Corydalis Rhizome
    • Invigorate blood, alleviate pain - pain from blood stasis and trauma, dysmenorrhea.
    • Promotes movement of Qi and alleviates pain - chest pain, abdominal pain, menstrual pain, hernial disorders, epigastric pain.
  • Cautions
    • Avoid during Pregnancy.

Yi Mu Cao

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  • Chinese Motherwort
    • Invigorates blood and regulates menses for gynecological issues - PMS, abdominal pain, irregular menses, abdominal masses, infertility, post partum abdominal pain w/lochioschesis, stasis from blood deficiency.
    • Promotes urination and reduces swelling - acute systemic edema.
  • Cautions
    • Avoid during Pregnancy.

Yu Jin

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  • Tumeric Tuber
    • Invigorate blood, break up stasis - used topically and internally for traumatic pain, and to speed healing process of chronic sores.
    • Promotes movement of Qi - liver qi stagnation, menstrual pain, chest, flank pain.
    • Clears heat, cools blood - hot phlegm obstructs heart orifices with symptoms like anxiety, agitation, seizures.
    • Benefits gallbladder - jaundice.
  • Cautions
    • Avoid during Pregnancy.

Yue Ji Hua

  • Partially Opened Flower of Chinese Tea Rose
    • Invigorates blood and regulates menses - blood stasis w/scanty menses, amenorrhea, and/or chest and abdominal pain and distention.
  • Cautions
    • Avoid during Pregnancy.

Ze Lan

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  • Bugleweed
    • Promotes movement of blood and menstruation - pain due to blood stasis obstructing menses, post partum abdominal pain from stasis.
    • Invigorates blood and dispels blood stasis - topically and interally for pain and swelling from traumatic injury or abscess.
    • Promotes urination - post partum edemc or lin, systematic or facial edema.
  • Cautions
    • Avoid during Pregnancy.

Zi Ran Tong

  • Pyrite
    • Dispels blood stasis and promotes healing of bones and sinews - swellings due to trauma, fractures.
  • Cautions
    • Avoid during Pregnancy.

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