Names Of Lu Gen


Lu Gen TCM Herb - Materia Medica

  • English Name: Reed Rhizome
  • Pinyin Name: Lu Gen
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How Is Lu Gen Categorized?

Lu Gen Functional Category

Other Relationships For Lu Gen

Channels Influenced

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Temperature - Taste

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Our Database Has 16 TCM Herbs In The Herbs That Drain Fire Category

How Is Lu Gen Used Clinically?

Lu Gen Usages and Indications

  • Clears heat, generates fluids - heat patterns with high fever, irritability, thirst.
  • Clears lung heat - cough, thick yellow sputum.
  • Clears stomach heat - vomiting, belching.
  • Clears heat, diuretic - dark, scanty urine, xue lin, accompanied by thirst and irritability.
  • Encourages rashes to the surface - for febrile disease with rashes that are incompletely expressed.

Cautions and Contraindications

    • Avoid in patients with spleen or stomach cold from deficiency.
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How Is Lu Gen Prepared?

Dosage and Preparation Notes For Lu Gen

  • Dosage: 15-30g
  • When used alone, up to 60g

Conditions Potentially Related With Lu Gen

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