Lu Rong Elk/Deer Horn, Velvet - Chinese Herbal Medicine

Lu Rong Names

  • English Name: Elk/Deer Horn, Velvet
  • Pinyin Name: Lu Rong

Lu Rong Image

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Lu Rong Clinical Usages and Indications

  • Tonify kidneys, strengthen yang - fatigue, impotence, cold limbs, lightheadedness, lower back and knee pain, tinnitus, frequent and clear urine.
  • Tonify the governing vessel, augments essence and blood, strengthens sinews and bones - children with mental/physical developmental issues.
  • Regulates the conception vessel, chong mai, and stabilizies the dai mai - cold deficient leukorrhea or uterine bleeding, infertility with a cold womb.
  • Tonifies and nourishes qi and blood - chronic ulcerations/yin-type boils (concave, clear fluid oozing, unhealing).

Lu Rong Dosage and Prep Notes

  • Dosage: 1-3g powder, start with low doses

Clinician Notes

This herb is expensive and most often used when alternatives are not appropriate.


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