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Man Jing Zi Names

  • English Name: Vitex Fruit Seed
  • Pinyin Name: Man Jing Zi

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Man Jing Zi Cautions

    Contraindication Notes:

    • Avoid in cases of Stomach Qi Deficiency.
    • Avoid in headaches or eye problems that arise from yin/blood deficient heat.

Man Jing Zi Clinical Usages and Indications

  • Disperses wind, clears heat - wind-heat especially with headache or eye pain.
  • Wind-heat in the liver channel - excessive tearing, red-painful-swollen eyes, floaters.
  • Drains damp, expels wind - supporting herb for stiff, numb, cramping, and/or heavy limbs.

Man Jing Zi Dosage and Prep Notes

  • Dosage: 6-12g

Clinician Notes

  • Similar to Qing Xiang Zi and Mi Meng Hua in clearing wind-heat but stronger in expelling wind (pungent nature) - for eye issues involving OPI.
  • Sheng (unprepared) for dispersing wind/heat and stopping pain; Chao (dry-fried, more common) for headaches involving eyes, watery or blurry eyes.

Man Jing Zi Appears In 2 Formulas

Pian Tou Tong Wan

Te Xiao Bi Min Gan Wan

  • Specially Effective Nasal Allergy Pills
    • Generally useful for a range of allergy symptoms - seasonal allergies, rhinitis, sinusitis, dry or watery eyes, sinus headaches, etc.  Can be used both as a preventative and as a symptomatic aid for allergies.
  • Tonify
  • Tonify the Qi

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