Niu Bang Zi (Great Burdock Fruit, Arctium) - Chinese Herbal Medicine

  • English Name:  Great Burdock Fruit, Arctium
  • Pinyin Name:  Niu Bang Zi

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  • Expels wind-heat (acrid), benefits throat - fever, cough, sore, red, swollen throat.
  • Clears heat (bitter, cold), relieves toxicity, vents rashes - red swellings, carbuncles, mumps, acute febrile rashes, early stages of measles with incomplete expression.
  • Moistens intestines (rich plant oil - slippery) - constipation due to wind-heat (cold nature of the herb).
Functional Grouping (See All)
  • Herbs That Release The Exterior Wind Heat

  • Dosage and Preparation Notes
    • Dosage: 3-9g
    Channels/Meridians Influenced (See All)

     ◦ Lung ◦ Stomach

    Associated Temperature and Taste (See All)

     ◦ Cold (Han) ◦ Bitter (Ku) ◦ Acrid

    Contraindication Notes:
    • Avoid in qi deficiency, diarrhea, lack of excess heat.
    • Avoid when open sores and/or carbuncles are present.
    Staff Notes:

    Herbal Formulas Which Include Niu Bang Zi

    Below you will find Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal formulas which contain Niu Bang Zi (in alphabetical order). You May click on the name of the formula for more details or click on any of the products from our store to read usage information or to purchase a particular formula.

    TCM FormulaClinical Functions
    Xiao Feng Wan

    Itchy and red skin lesions, possibly with weeping, comprising such conditions as psoriasis, eczema, acne, dermatitis, etc.

    The Pulse will generally be forceful, floating and rapid and the Tongue will have a yellow or white tongue coating.

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    Yin Qiao Wan

    Common cold, flu, general immunity, fever w/slight or no chills, headache, desire for fluids, cough, sore throat.

    Pulse will be floating and rapid and the Tongue will have a red tip with a thin white or yellow tongue coating.

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     ◦ Fever ◦ Sore Throat ◦ Cough ◦ Mumps ◦ Constipation

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