San Leng (Scirpus Rhizome) - Chinese Herbal Medicine

  • English Name:  Scirpus Rhizome
  • Pinyin Name:  San Leng

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  • Breaks up blood stasis, promotes movement of Qi, alleviates pain - amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, post partum abdominal pain, abdominal masses.
  • Dissolves food stagnation, accumulations.
Functional Grouping (See All)
  • Herbs That Invigorate Blood

  • Dosage and Preparation Notes
    • Dosage: 3-9g
    Channels/Meridians Influenced (See All)

     ◦ Liver ◦ Spleen

    Associated Temperature and Taste (See All)

     ◦ Neutral (Ping) ◦ Bitter (Ku) ◦ Acrid

    Contraindication Notes:
    • Avoid During Pregnancy

    Herbal Formulas Which Include San Leng

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    TCM FormulaClinical Functions
    Jin Gu Die Da Wan

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     ◦ Amenorrhea (Absence of Menstruation) ◦ Dysmenorrhea (Menstrual Pain/Cramps) ◦ Abdominal Pain

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