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Sang Ji Sheng Names

  • English Name: Mulberry Mistletoe Stem
  • Pinyin Name: Sang Ji Sheng

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Sang Ji Sheng Clinical Usages and Indications

  • Tonify liver and kidney yin, strengthen sinews and bones, expel wind-damp - lower back and knee pain, joint problems, atrophy of sinews and bones, bi-syndromes.
  • Nourish blood, calm the womb - uterine bleeding during pregnancy, dry and scaly skin.
  • Hypertension.

Sang Ji Sheng Dosage and Prep Notes

  • Dosage: 9-30g

Sang Ji Sheng Appears In 1 Formula

Du Huo Ji Sheng Wan

  • Solitary Hermit Teapills
    • For¬†chronic pain due to obstruction (bi zheng)¬†with liver and kidney deficiency.
    • For lower back pain often with weakness and/or pain in the knees.
    • For arthritis, especially the type affected by cold/damp weather.
  • Expel Dampness
  • Dispel Wind-Dampness
  • Cautions
    • Use with caution during pregnancy.
    • Do not use with patients that present with damp heat or excess heat.

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