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Shi Gao TCM Herb - Materia Medica

  • English Name: Gypsum
  • Pinyin Name: Shi Gao
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How Is Shi Gao Categorized?

Shi Gao Functional Category

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How Is Shi Gao Used Clinically?

Shi Gao Usages and Indications

  • The most important herb to clear internal heat, especially in the qi and yang ming levels.
  • Clears heat, drains fire (heavy, descending) - high fever with no chills, excessive thirst, sweating, flooding and big pulse (the "4 bigs"), irritability, red tongue with yellow coat.
  • Clears excess lung heat - cough, wheezing, fever, thick yellow sputum.
  • Clears blazing stomach fire - headache, toothache, painful and swollen gums.
  • Topically for eczema, burns, ulcerated sores; may also be taken internally.

Cautions and Contraindications

    • Avoid in patients with a weak stomach, weak pulse, and yang deficiency.
    • Avoid in cases with heat from yin deficiency.
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How Is Shi Gao Prepared?

Dosage and Preparation Notes For Shi Gao

  • Dosage: 9-30g
  • Up to 90g for very high fevers
  • Break up and cook 30 minutes before adding other herbs

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Notes From Our Clinicians For Shi Gao

Staff Clinical Notes

  • Unlike other bitter-cold herbs that clear heat (not for long periods, hidden heat syndromes, injure yin (bitterness) and stomach), Shi Gao is bitter and sweet - benefits yin, clears heat without hurting the stomach.
  • When the calcined form is used it is for burns, eczema, abscesses, and nonhealing ulcers.
  • Many texts do not require Shi Gao to be cooked longer - this seems to be the right way, however, according to research and experience.

Formulas Which Generally Contain Shi Gao

Our database contains 4 TCM Formulas where Shi Gao is generally used




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