An Gong Niu Huang Wan Calm The Palace Pill With Cattle Gallstone - TCM Herbal Formula

An Gong Niu Huang Wan Names

  • English Name: Calm The Palace Pill With Cattle Gallstone
  • Pinyin Name: An Gong Niu Huang Wan
  • Alternate Names: Bos and Curcuma Formula
  • Chinese Character: 安宫牛黄丸

An Gong Niu Huang Wan Clinical Usages and Indications

  • Resuscitates, clears heat, calms shen, and expels phelgm - coma arising from stroke, convulsions, loss of consciousness.

An Gong Niu Huang Wan Cautions

Contraindication Notes:

  • Do not take this formula when pregnant.

Clinical Formula Combinations and Modifications

  • Shui Niu Jiao (water buffalo horn) will be substituted for Xi Jiao (rhinocerous horn).

An Gong Niu Huang Wan Has 11 Ingredients

Niu Huang

  • Cattle Gallstone
    • Clears the heart, opens the orifices, awakens the spirit, vaporizes phlegm - delirium or coma due to wind-heat or hot diseases with hot phlegm obstructing the pericardium.
    • Clears the liver, relieves toxicity, extinguishes wind, stops tremors - spasms, tremors, convulsions with high fever due to heat entering the liver.
    • Drains heat and relieves fire toxicity - red, painful, swollen, or ulcerated throat as well as for sores, carbuncles, boils, and a wide variety of hot swellings.
  • Herbs That Open Orifices
  • Cautions
    • Do not use during pregnancy.

Xi Jiao

  • Rhinoceros Horn
    • Clears Heat, Relieves Fire Toxicity, Cools Blood, Arrests Tremors. Erythema, nosebleed, vomiting blood, delirium, convulsions, manic behavior, loss of consciousness.
  • Herbs That Cool The Blood
  • Cautions
  • Pregnancy, Yin Deficiency Fever, Incompatible (antagonist) with Chuan Wu Tou and Cao Wu Tou.

She Xiang

  • Navel Gland Secretions of Musk Deer
    • Opens the orifices, revives the spirit, unblocks closed disorders (a wide variety of problems that impair consciousness) - heat entering the pericardium, convulsions, delirium, stupor fainting, closed disorders, tetanic collapse, phlegm collapse, seizures.
    • Invigorates the blood, dissipates clumps, reduces swelling, alleviates pain - toxic sores, carbuncles, fixed masses, channel obstructions due to trauma.
  • Herbs That Open Orifices
  • Cautions
    • Do not use during pregnancy.

Huang Lian

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  • Coptis Rhizome
    • Drains fire, relieves toxicity - high fever, irritability, disorientation, delirium, painful, red eyes, red tongue, sore throat, boils, carbuncles, abscesses.
    • Clears heat, drains dampness - for damp-heat in the stomach or intestine, diarrhea or dysenteric disorder, vomiting and/or acid regurgitation due to stomach heat.
    • Clears heart fire - irritability, insomnia.
    • Clears heat and stops bleeding - nosebleed, blood in the urine, stool, vomiting due to hot blood.
    • Topically for red, painful eyes and ulcerations of the tongue and mouth.
  • Herbs That Clear Heat and Dry Dampness

Huang Qin

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  • Baical Skullcap Root, Scutellaria
    • Clears heat, drains fire, especially from the upper warmer - heat patterns with fever, irritability, thirst, cough, thick, yellow sputum, hot sores and swellings.
    • Clears heat, dries dampness - damp-heat in the stomach or intestines, diarrhea, dysentery; damp warm-febrile disease with fever, stifling sensation in the chest, thirst with no desire to drink; damp-heat in the lower jiao - lin syndrome; damp-heat jaundice.
    • Clears heat, stops bleeding - vomiting and/or coughing of blood, nosebleed, blood in the stool.
    • Clears heat, calms the fetus - restless fetus due to heat.
    • Sedates liver yang rising - headache, irritability, red eyes, bitter taste, flushed face.
  • Herbs That Clear Heat and Dry Dampness

Zhi Zi

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  • Cape Jasmine Fruit, Gardenia
    • Clears heat (Heart and Liver), eliminates irritability - heat patterns with fever, restlessness, insomnia, delirium, stifling sensation in the chest.
    • Drains damp heat - lin (urinary dysfunction) syndrome due to damp-heat in the lower warmer, damp-heat and constrained liver and gallbladder causing jaundice, damp-heat in the gall bladder and triple heater channels of the face - eyes, nose, sores in the mouth and face.
    • Cools the blood, stops bleeding - nosebleed, blood in vomit, stool, urine; (needs to partially charred).
    • Topically for blood stasis due to trauma, reduces swelling.
  • Herbs That Drain Fire
  • Cautions
    • Avoid in patients with loose stools and/or loss of appetite due to cold from deficiency.

Xiong Huang

  • Realgar
    • Relieves toxicity, kills parasites, stops itching, inflammation, abscess.
    • Topically - scabies, ringworm, dam rashes.
    • Kills parasites - accumulation symptoms with roundworms.
    • Dries dampness, expels phlegm - wheezing, seizures, malarial conditions.
  • Herbs For External Applications
  • Cautions
    • Generally, Avoid Using This Herb.

Bing Pian

Yu Jin

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  • Tumeric Tuber
    • Invigorate blood, break up stasis - used topically and internally for traumatic pain, and to speed healing process of chronic sores.
    • Promotes movement of Qi - liver qi stagnation, menstrual pain, chest, flank pain.
    • Clears heat, cools blood - hot phlegm obstructs heart orifices with symptoms like anxiety, agitation, seizures.
    • Benefits gallbladder - jaundice.
  • Herbs That Invigorate Blood
  • Cautions
    • Avoid during Pregnancy.

Zhu Sha

  • Cinnabar
    • Sedates the heart, calms the spirit - restlessness, palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, convulsion.
    • Clears heat, relieves toxicity - carbuncles, sore throat.
  • Herbs That Anchor, Settle and Calm The Spirit
  • Cautions
    • Mercury Toxicity.

Zhen Zhu

  • Pearl
    • Sedates the heart - tremor, palpitations, seizures, childhood convulsions.
    • Clears the liver - blurred vision.
    • Promotes healing, generates flesh - ulcers of the gums or throat.
  • Herbs That Anchor, Settle and Calm The Spirit

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