Names Of Ding Chuan Wan


Ding Chuan Wan TCM Herbal Formula

  • English Name: Calm Wheezing Pills
  • Pinyin Name: Ding Chuan Wan
  • Alternate Names: Ping Chuan Wan, Ding Chuan Tang, Ma Huang and Ginkgo Combination, Clear Mountain Air Teapills, Arrest Wheezing Pills, Ma Huang and Ginkgo Combination for Stabilizing Dyspnea, Asthma Relieving Decoction
  • Chinese Character: 定喘汤
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How Is Ding Chuan Wan Categorized?

There Are 9 Formulas In Our Treat Phlegm Category

How Is Ding Chuan Wan Used Clinically?

Ding Chuan Wan Usages and Indications

  • Directs the lung qi downward and clears phlegm heat from the lungs.  Typically used for the condition of wind cold blocking the exterior with internal accumulation of phlegm heat - which may involve symptoms such as the common cold, bronchitis, asthma - with wheezing, cough with thick sticky yellow phlegm that is difficult to get out, rapid shallow breathing, difficulty breathing. 
  • Conditions may be acute or chronic.

Cautions and Contraindications

    • Generally avoided in patients that present with yin or qi deficiency.
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Conditions and Patterns Potentially Related With Ding Chuan Wan

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Ding Chuan Wan Has 8Ingredients

Yu Xing Cao


Appears in the Herbs That Clear Heat and Relieve Toxicity category


  • Clears heat and toxins, reduces swellings and abscess - for lung abscess or lung heat cough with thick, yellow-green sputum.
  • Relieves toxicity and expels pus for toxic sores (internally and topically).
  • Drains damp-heat, promotes urination - diarrhea, lin syndromes.

Fu Ling

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Poria, China Root

Appears in the Herbs That Drain Dampness category


  • Promotes urination, drains dampness, transforms phlegm - urinary difficulty, diarrhea, edema, headache, dizziness, greasy tongue coat.
  • Strengthens the spleen, harmonizes the middle jiao - diarrhea, loss of appetite.
  • Quiets the heart and calms the spirit - palpitations, insomnia, forgetfulness.

This formula has cautions, see details

Sang Bai Pi

All Images © 2019 Yin Yang House Inc

Mulberry Root Bark

Appears in the Herbs That Relieve Coughing and Wheezing category


  • Drains lung heat - cough, wheezing.
  • Promotes urination, reduces edema - lung heat obstructing downward movement of lung qi, preventing water from moving - no sweating, facial and floating edema, fever, thirst, difficult urination.
  • Recently for hypertension.

Zi Su Ye

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Perilla Leaf

Appears in the Herbs That Release The Exterior Wind Cold category


  • Release the exterior, disperse cold - wind-cold w/fever
  • Resolve qi stagnation, open chest - vomiting, nausea
  • Calm restless fetus - morning sickness
  • Seafood poisoning - alone or in combination w/other herbs

Dong Chong Xia Cao

Chinese Caterpillar Fungus, Cordyceps

Appears in the Herbs That Tonify Yang category


  • Strengthen kidney, tonify yang - impotence, sore/weak back.
  • Tonify kidney yang, nourish lung yin, transform phlegm, stop cough - chronic cough, wheezing from deficiency, blood-streaked sputum.
  • Tonifies yin and yang, safe - can be used long term.

Xing Ren

Apricot Seed

Appears in the Herbs That Relieve Coughing and Wheezing category


  • Stops cough and calms wheezing due to hot or cold patterns - especially for dry cough.
  • Moistens the intestines, unblocks the bowels.

Chen Pi

Tangerine Peel

Appears in the Herbs That Regulate The Qi category


  • Regulates Qi, improves transportive function of the spleen, relieves diaphragm - epigastric/abdominal distention, fullness, bloating, belching, nausea, vomiting (promotes movement of qi in general; specifically directing it downward - good for different types of nausea/vomiting).
  • Important herb for drying dampness and the transformation of phlegm - coughs with stifling sensation in the chest/diaphragm, and copious viscous sputum (qi-level herb).
  • Prevents stagnation - prevents cloying of tonifying herbs.
  • Ju Hong is the red part of the tangerine peel - it is more drying and aromatic.

Gan Cao

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Licorice Root

Appears in the Herbs That Tonify Qi category


  • Tonifies the spleen and augments qi - spleen deficiency w/shortness of breath, fatigue, loose stools (si jun zi tong).
  • Qi and/or blood deficiency w/irregular pluse or palpitations (Zhi Gan Cao Tang).
  • Moistens the lungs and stops cough - heat/cold in the lungs (Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang).
  • Clears heat and toxic fire (raw) - carbuncles, sores, sore throat due to fire toxin (internally or topically).
  • Alleviates pain and stops spasms - abdomen or legs (Shao Yao Gan Cao Tang).
  • Often used to harmonize and/or moderate characteristics of other herbs.
  • Antidote for toxic substances (internally and topically).

This formula has cautions, see details

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