Names Of Er Xian Wan


Er Xian Wan TCM Herbal Formula

  • English Name: Two Immortal Decoction
  • Pinyin Name: Er Xian Wan
  • Alternate Names: Er Xian Tang, Epimedium and Curculigo Combination
  • Chinese Character: 二仙湯
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How Is Er Xian Wan Categorized?

Er Xian Wan Functional Groupings

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How Is Er Xian Wan Used Clinically?

Er Xian Wan Usages and Indications

  • Kidney Yin and Kidney Yang deficiencies with Empty Heat - hormonal issues such as menopause (possibly w/hypertension), amenorrhea, hot flashes along with associated symptoms of fatigue, depression, insomnia, nervousness and more.
  • Infertility with appropriate underlying factors, particularly when arising with amenorrhea or irregular menstruation.
  • Aplastic anemia.

Conditions and Patterns Potentially Related With Er Xian Wan

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Er Xian Wan Has 6Ingredients

Xian Mao

Golden Eye Grass Rhizome

Appears in the Herbs That Tonify Yang category


  • Tonify kidney, strengthen yang - impotence, urinary incontinence, nocturnal emission, infertility due to cold womb (woman) or cold jing (man).
  • Expel cold, eliminate damp - bi with generalized pain, pain and/or weakness in the bones and sinews, lower back and knee pain, cold abdomen.

This formula has cautions, see details

Yin Yang Huo

All Images © 2019 Yin Yang House Inc

Arial Parts of Epimedium, Horny Goat Weed

Appears in the Herbs That Tonify Yang category


  • Tonify kidney yang - impotence, spermatorrhea, frequent urination, poor memory, painful and cold lower back and knees.
  • Expel wind-damp, cold - spasms, cramps, joint pain, numbness in limbs.
  • Strengthen yin and yang, harnesses liver yang rising - dizziness, low back pain, irregular menses from liver and kidneys and subsequent liver yang rising.

Ba Ji Tian

Morinda Root

Appears in the Herbs That Tonify Yang category


  • Tonify kidneys, strengthen yang - impotence, male or female infertility, premature ejaculation, frequent urination, urinary incontinence, irregular menses, low back pain and weakness, cold and painful abdomen.
  • Strengthen sinews and bones - back pain, muscular atrophy.
  • Expel wind/damp cold - back and leg qi pain, bi syndromes.

Huang Bai

All Images © 2019 Yin Yang House Inc

Amur Cork Tree Bark, Phellodendron

Appears in the Herbs That Clear Heat and Dry Dampness category


  • Drains damp heat from the lower jiao - thick-yellow leukorrhea, foul-smelling diarrhea, dysentery; damp-heat pouring downward or hot leg qi - red, swollen, painful knees, legs, and/or feet; damp-heat jaundice.
  • Drains kidney fire with signs of yin deficiency - steaming bone disorder, night sweats, afternoon fever and sweating, nocturnal emissions, spermatorrhea.
  • Drains fire, relieves toxicity - sores and lesions of the skin.

Zhi Mu

Anemarrhena Rhizome

Appears in the Herbs That Drain Fire category


  • Clears heat, drains fire - high fever, irritability, thirst, and a rapid flooding pulse in patterns of excessive heat in the lungs and/or stomach; cough due to lung heat with thick yellow sputum.
  • Nourishes yin, moistens dryness - deficiency of lung and kidney yin, night sweats, steaming bone disorder, irritability, afternoon or low-grade fevers, bleeding gums, five-center heat; also for kidney heat signs - spermatorrhea, nocturnal emission, high sexual desire.
  • Generates fluids and clears heat - oral ulcers and inflammation due to yin deficiency, wasting and thirsting disorder.

This formula has cautions, see details

Dang Gui

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Chinese Angelica Root

Appears in the Herbs That Tonify Blood category


  • Tonifies the blood, regulates menses - pallid, ashen complexion, tinnitus, blurred vision, palpitations, irregular menses, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea.
  • Invigorates/harmonizes the blood, disperses cold - important herb to stop pain due to blood stasis - abdominal pain, trauma, carbuncles due to blood stasis, chronic bi.
  • Moistens dry intestines due to blood deficiency.
  • Reduces swellings, expels pus, generates flesh - sores.

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