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Clear Heat and Relieve Toxicity Sub Category

Clear Heat and Relieve Toxicity is a subcategory of the Clear Heat functional grouping.

The Clear Heat functional grouping contains the following sub categories:

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The Clear Heat and Relieve Toxicity Category Contains (5) TCM formulas In Our Database

Gan Mao Ling

Miraculous Cold Pills


  • Common cold and flu patterns, particularly at the early stages.
  • Can be used in lie of actual bacterial or viral infection as long as flu or cold like symptoms are manifest.

Huang Lian Shang Qing Wan

Coptis Clearance Pill


Coming Soon...

Xian Fang Huo Ming Yin Wan

Immortals Formula For Sustaining Life


  • Generally for short-term use with early stage heat toxins - sores, carbuncles, boils, styes, acne.  Swollen and painful skin lesions with other heat signs (chills/fever). 
  • Breast abscesses, mastitis.
  • Uses for rheumatoid arthritis and/or psoriasis with the right underlying diagnosis.
  • Internal abscesses from blood stasis.

Xie Xin Wan

Drain the Epigastrium Formula


Signs of damp-heat with interior clumping which may settle into the abdominal region and/or rise upward to the head.  Fever, irritability, red eyes, constipation, dark urine, flushed face - middle warmer issues - jaundice, dysentery, tongue/mouth ulcers.

Pulse will be be wiry and rapid and the Tongue will be red, swollen with a yellow greasy tongue coating.

Yi Zi Wan

Decoction B


  • Hemorrhoids and/or constipation from an accumulation of damp-heat and toxins in the lower jiao - possibly bleeding hemorrhoids, pain, rectal prolapse, anal itching.
  • With the right underlying factors may also be useful for vaginal bleeding with abdominal pain, possibly with dark clots.

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