Warm the Menses and Dispel Blood Stasis - General Herbal Formula Category Concepts


Warm the Menses and Dispel Blood Stasis Sub Category

Warm the Menses and Dispel Blood Stasis is a subcategory of the Invigorate the Blood functional grouping.

The Invigorate the Blood functional grouping contains the following sub categories:

All Functions

The Warm the Menses and Dispel Blood Stasis Category Contains (2) TCM formulas In Our Database

Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan

Cinnamon and Poria Teapills


  • For abdominal masses such as uterine cysts, ovarian cysts, benign tumors.
  • May be used when blood stagnation symptoms appear during pregnancy.
  • Uterine bleeding especially if the color is dark.

Nuan Gong Yun Zi Wan

Warm Uterus & Conception Pills


  • Infertility, history of miscarriage due to blood deficiency and/or cold in the lower jiao from kidney yang deficiency.
  • Irregular menstruation.
  • Lower abdominal pain, lower back pain, uterine and/or ovarian pain.

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