Stabilize and Bind - TCM Herbal Formula Category

Stabilize and Bind - General Formula Concepts

These formulas generally involve the restraint of leakages from the body (urine, sperm, leukorrhea, blood, sweat, etc.) These leakages can arise from heat in the body pushing things out or interrupting functions or from deficiency that reduces the bodies ability to "hold" in the substance. Formulas within this category are generally used to resolve specific symptoms in specific areas and then other formulas/treatments may be used for further management. Proper diagnosis is key with these conditions as formulas from this category should not be used when the conditions arise from excess syndromes.

(2) TCM formulas grouped as Stabilize and Bind

Yu Ping Feng Wan

  • Jade Windscreen Formula
    • Frequent colds, flus, chronic bronchitis - general low immunity to common infections.
    • Spontaneous sweating, aversion to wind and/or cold.
    • With appropriate diagnosis may be used to treat acute facial paralysis/Bell's Palsy.
  • Stabilize the Exterior and the Lungs

Qian Lie Shu Wan

  • Prostate Comfort Pills
    • Frequent and/or urgent urination, dribbling, incontinence. 
    • Treats Lin Syndrome conditions.
  • Stabilize the Kidneys

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