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Dryness in Chinese Medicine terms may be internal, generally arising from heat, or external arising from the season or environmental conditions. Externally the lung system is most often involved and internally the kidneys and lungs are commonly involved along with the spleen and large intestine. These formulas need to be used wisely in patients who also present with signs of dampness as their use can promote that imbalance.

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Bai He Gu Jin Wan

Lily Bulb to Preserve the Metal


  • General yin deficiency signs may present as night sweats, heat in the soles and palms, and flusing.
  • Cough/wheezing, possible blood in the sputum, dry and sore throat may present from lung yin and qi deficiency.
  • Useful for treating people who quit smoking or those with acute smoke exposure.
  • Enrich the Yin and Moisten Dryness
  • Bu Fei Er Jiao Wan

    Tonify the Lungs Formula with Gelatin


    • Lung yin deficiency with strong heat signs and/or bleeding - chronic dry cough, wheezing, pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis, COPD.
    • Stops bleeding when it arises from lung yin deficiency - mild bloody sputum with dry cough.
  • Gently Disperse and Moisten Dryness
  • Gu Ben Wan

    Replenish the Root Teapills


    • Dryness from yin deficiency - dry skin, dry eyes, dry cough, dry stools/constipation.
    • Fatigue, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, possible anxiety.
    • Other yin deficient symptoms such as night sweats, hot flashes.
  • Enrich the Yin and Moisten Dryness
  • Mai Men Dong Yin Zi Wan

    Ophiopogon and Trichosanthes Combination


    • Lung and stomach yin deficiency - this is a modified version of Mai Men Dong Tang - fei wei (lung atrophy) syndrome in Chinese Medicine - dry cough from yin fluid damage, generally arises from deficiency fire rising from the stomach yin deficiency.  
    • A range of digestive issues - nausea, vomiting, counterflow qi, gastritis, peptic ulcer disease.
    • Acute or chronic lung issues - bronchitis, dry cough - particularly with other yin deficiency signs (malar flush, heat in the five palms, etc.)
    • Sjogren's syndrome - when other underlying diagnostic factors are a good fit.
  • Enrich the Yin and Moisten Dryness
  • Sha Shen Mai Dong Wan

    Glehnia and Ophiopogonis Decoction


    • Important formula for stomach yin deficiency - benefits the stomach and the lungs - a range of digestive issues (gastritis, epigastric pain), possibly with dry throat, thirst and/or cough.
    • Diabetes - particularly with signs of dryness.
    • A range of lung related issues - lung cancer, pneumonia, cough/wheezing.
  • Gently Disperse and Moisten Dryness
  • Tong Bian Wan

    Constipation Pills


    • Constipation from heat or fire that has damaged the yin fluids - dry hard pellet like stools, dark urine from dryness, feeling of fullness in the lower abdomen, flatulence (generally with a foul smell).
  • Enrich the Yin and Moisten Dryness
  • Yu Quan Wan

    Jade Spring Pills


    • Xiao Ke (wasting and thirsting syndrome), qi and yin deficiencies of the kidney and spleen most commonly seen in the advanced forms of diabetes type II - excessive thirst, excessive urination, strong hunger symptoms, weight loss.
    • Cloudy urine especially with detectable sweet scent.
  • Enrich the Yin and Moisten Dryness
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