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Dry Dampness and Expel Phlegm Sub Category

Dry Dampness and Expel Phlegm is a subcategory of the Treat Phlegm functional grouping.

The Treat Phlegm functional grouping contains the following sub categories:

All Functions

The Dry Dampness and Expel Phlegm Category Contains (2) TCM formulas In Our Database

Er Chen He San Zi Yang Qin Wan

Two Aged Herbs & Three Seeds Nursing Pills


  • Modified version of er chen wan - formula for clearing phlegm in both acute and chronic cases - seasonal colds and flus with phlegm, chronic wet cough, sinus issues and more physical signs such as dizziness, meniere's with the right causal factors.

Er Chen Wan

Two Aged Herbs


  • The primary base formula to resolve phlegm damp, particularly in the lungs and GI system - cough (with white mucus), plugged ears, sinus blockage - along with GI symptoms of nausea, vomiting.
  • Upper respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, emphysema, COPD - when arising from phlegm damp.
  • Phlegm accumulation in the head symptoms such as dizziness, insomnia, meniere's disease, alcohol hangover.
  • Cysts from phlegm accumulation - fibroids, breast cyst, ovarian cyst, thryoid cysts, goiter. 

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