Transform Phlegm and Dissipate Nodules - General Herbal Formula Category Concepts


Transform Phlegm and Dissipate Nodules Sub Category

Transform Phlegm and Dissipate Nodules is a subcategory of the Treat Phlegm functional grouping.

The Treat Phlegm functional grouping contains the following sub categories:

All Functions

The Transform Phlegm and Dissipate Nodules Category Contains (1) TCM formula In Our Database

Nei Xiao Luo Li Wan

Internally Reducing Cervical Lymphadenitis Pills


  • Phlegm obstructions - generally benign masses, lumps, swellings such as lymph nodules, breast cysts, thyroid nodules, goiter, ovarian cysts, fibroids, etc.
  • If used, it may often be combined with deeper formulas for the more systemic underlying pattern.

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