Warm Interior Cold - TCM Herbal Formula Category

Warm Interior Cold - General Formula Concepts

The formulas within this section are warming/hot in nature and will dispel cold at various levels in the body. Superficial issues are treated by warming the channels, deeper in cold effects the middle warmer so those formulas warm the middle and dispel cold. In more serious cases the yang can collapse (or "devastate the yang") - these can be life or death situations. Formulas in this section must be used correctly with appropriate diagnosis as too much heat in the body can cause physical dryness, strong heat sensations, anxiety/insomnia and even manic episodes in high doses.

(2) TCM formulas grouped as Warm Interior Cold

Si Ni Tang Wan

  • Frigid Extremities Formula
    • Aversion to cold, very cold limbs, sensations of deep cold, fatigue, lethary resulting from kidney yang deficiency.
    • Diarrhea with undigested food, vomiting, abdominal pain.
  • Rescue Devastated Yang

Fu Zi Li Zhong Wan

  • Aconite Regulate Middle Pills
    • Spleen yang deficiency resulting in coldness of the limbs and/or interior, borborygmus, and possible loose stools or diarrhea.
    • Feeling full even with small amounts of food, bloating, epigastric/abdominal pain, possible decrease in appetite.
    • Vomitting and nausea especially if it occurs shortly after eating.
  • Warm the Middle and Dispel Cold

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